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Ebira Women Are Hating To Marry Ebira Men Because Of These Reasons – Must Read For Ebira Singles And Married

Published by on June 29th, 2017.

Ebira Marriage
Ebira Women Don’t Want To Marry Ebira Men

Hello my fellow Ebira Men and Women, the youths in particular i wrote an article just a day interval to this one you are reading now (titled: Photos: Ebira Women Are Beautiful, Please Tell Them – See Photos That Will Melt Your Heart ) where a guy said Ebira Women are really beautiful but they are all refusing to marry their tribal Men, I promised the Guy this article after. I thought to my self and look everywhere to see the real reason behind this and after so much research I’m able to come up with something.

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Guys i want to let you know that no matter how many reports you read about the rise in numbers of divorce cases in Ebiraland Today, it still remains a dirty word that Ebiras are taught not to even contemplate. For Our Forefathers generation and those who are even younger, there is a growing number who rebel. But for older couples it is still very true. No matter how much they hate each other, divorce is not an option. “Real” men and women never divorce.

We are taught in schools that it is the most abhorred by God of all things Islamically permitted. Couples have separate bedrooms on different floors and lead chiefly separate lives and yet are still married. A man might take on a second wife and not see his first except twice a month to pay the bills and buy groceries. He does it because he thinks its manly and the woman stays on and is patient because that’s what a good woman does.

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This like all other things is changing. After reading a comment on one of my articles, I thought I would write a bit about it. In Ebiraland there are two ways to obtain a divorce depending on who initiates it, the first is easy and can be done by the husband and the second is extremely hard and is reserved for the wife. The first can be done by the husband simply by deciding in his heart to divorce his wife and in effect this becomes valid immediately. Then in his own time he can go to the courts and obtain a document of his decision and send a copy to the ex-wife. Alimony and child custody is not a big deal either and definitely not mandated. Several women I personally know in Ebiraland have never gotten any financial support from their ex-husbands. And in the case they are allowed to take care of their children alone, its only because the father is not interested in caring for the kids. So in essence he is allowing the mother to have them. Which is one hearth braking thing our Government should look into.

After noticing all this i said to my self what are people turning the World into. Before you can see a Single Girl or Woman that is Single with no child In Ebiraland is very hard not that we don’t have them but those ones we see most are the ones that are abused by either their boyfriends or husbands leaving them to face the struggle of life with child if not children.

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So i can boldly say that this is the major reason why Ebira Women are deciding not to get married to their tribal Men, they are scared of divorce and it seams that the rate of divorce in Ebiraland now is greater than with Hausa’s. I just pray that since our Ebira youths are now getting Education now they should be wise enough to tackle challenges in their marriage with patience and with no violence.

With heavy heart i write this article I’m single and a very small boy, i know i can’t teach you my elders when it comes to marital life but when we the young ones see where you elderly ones are faulty we should try and make corrections and try to teach it to you if you are ignorance of it. and to my fellow single Boys out their i purposely write and dedicate this article to you guys please let us wise up and learn the best way to treat our women start it from your girlfriends, (Read my 3 Psychological Ways To Talk To Girls, To Make Them Fall In Love With You. )and the single girls out their you guys should maintain a very strong prayer support for we your future husbands, I’m sure together we are going to build a very strong and fruitful family together.

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At this junction i will drop my pen, Please and please don’t just be a reader also be a contributor by dropping your comments or reply some comments below and share with your friends and save marriages i remain my Humble Self Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza, do you want to ask me a secret question please be free to contact me on Facebook click here or through my

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