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  • #Akhi – Eneben Ami -My Brother 
  • #Ukhti – Onyeiza Ami – My Sister 
  • #JazakAllah khair – Ohomorihi Odatuowu inoyiza 
  • #Ma sha Allah – Ohomorihi Osi – As – God has willed. 
  • #HayakAllah – Ohomorihi omuhuogodowu – May Allah give you life. 
  • #BarakAllahu Feek – Ohomorihi Osibarikatinisuwame – May Allah put baraka in what you are doing. #Wa feeka barakAllahu – Onirika Ohomorihi Oserewu – and May Allah bless you. 
  • #Wa iyyakum – Atewu – And to you #Alhamdu lillah – Praise be to Allah 
  •  #Allah – Ohomorihi Anavi ikonya – (the only Diety) 
  •  #Allahu Akbar – Ohomorihi Obanyi – Allah is the Greatest #Amanah – Ireiza 
  •  #Assalamu Aliykum – Engworo Ovetuwu – Peace be upon you the “official” Islamic greeting. 
  •  #Assalamu Aliykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh – Engworo oniri oyiza ohomorihi ovawu – “Peace and the Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you” Extended form of the above. 
  •  #Astaghfir Allah – Maapa Ojeive Hunuvo ohomorihi – I seek forgiveness from Allah – waaka wamebiraeneevoro inoze aheke (used when mentioning something that goes against the standards of Islam) 
  •  #Ayah/Ayat – Ini apara ewurehinta ini uwe-onini – Qur’anic verse 
  •  #Bid`ah – Davarisa kumaka asisowowa tini aheke – Innovation, addition to the religion’s essentials 
  •  #Bukhari – Onovani ana chere uwe anari ihaditi anayetini Salih Bukhari – One of the most noted compilers of hadith. His collection is known as Sahih Bukhari #Bismillah hir-Rahman ar-Rahim – Inireha ohomorihi ananyi obanyihu anazujeiveyoza kumaka anazusuyarioza – In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful 
  •  #Da’wa – oyishozavinaheke ohomorihi – Invitation (for humankind to Islam) #Du`a – Adua – Supplication Feel free to correct any spelling or words. Thanks for your co-operative friends 

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