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An Open Letter To Ebira Leaders Over Unacceptable Silence On Insecurity



Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland with Kogi State Gov. Yahaya Bello


– A Clarion call by Oganya Abdulrazak Mamman to HRM Alh Dr. Ado Ibrahim Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, Governor, Kogi State, Alh. Mohammed Sanni Attaba (Ciroma Of Ebiraland, Justice Moses Bello, Alh. Sanusi Abubakar Gamji, Senator M.S. Ohiare, Senator Deen Obatami, and Senator Salawu Ogembe.
His Royal Majesty, Alh Dr. Ado Ibrahim, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland; His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, Governor, Kogi State and very distinguished leaders in Ebiraland.
Permit me to humbly salute you all and please give wholesome attention to this article which represents the concern of one of your sons-Oganya Abdulrazak Mamman.
The current security menace in Ebiraland has given me an unending head-ache. All analgesic administered met resistances by the degree of occurrence. Ebiraland have suddenly become a guerrilla war zone, life of our people has become worthless as if connected to a drain-pipe, held by unknown driller. All phone calls and or messages received on daily basis is fearful and concomitantly negative with intriguing bitterness. This letter is ostensibly apt in the face of the prevailing inhuman, barbarism and presence of ANXIETY experience by our people daily.
Ebiraland have become a specimen of Hobbesian state of nature characterized by “Solitary, Brutish, Nasty, Poor and Short” only the strong can survive.
Your majesty, I have not heard a word from the palace on this unwholesome development. I recall your effort during the dramatic articulation, mobilization , stock –pilling and proliferation of small arm and light weapons in 2007 in quest for the number one position of the state and the chronological sequence of bad omen, leading up to the outbreak of violence and chaotic dislocation of peace and order.
Your majesty that ugly sequence was doused by your timely intervention. You took a gigantic and valiant step as a father that you are with your kinsmen to interface with the warring parties even in their various camps (Idoji, Idozumi layout, Agasa etc) you pledged peace, and peace we had. Saaki, that singular act consummated achieved a relative peace. All that was necessary was done to show rejection of the past and embrace the future on the firm foundation Your Majesty laid on the stone of valiancy. Although the twin elements of destruction of life, properties worth millions of naria, values, love for each other and the task of rebuilding became inevitably immeasurable.
Saaki, the time for such drastic action or intervention has come again. I truly understand the uniqueness of this present challenge but, there is no problem that will defy solution. God in His infinite mercy will not allow the enemy to cause for movement of the ‘finest palace’, the bravest and wisest occupant in the West Africa to be moved to the Federal Capital Territory for security reasons (Amen).
Your present silence could lead to expansion of this daunting criminality. Saaki, “The word of a kind ought to be as binding as the oath of a subject”. May your reign be much longer laced with peace. 
His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, our governor; “The Lucky one”. Just a year ago Almighty God in His miraculous weight installed you to pilot the affair of Kogi State. 13 months later, we look at pages of history peradventure there is a departure from the old order, unfortunately the spate of insecurity in the state particularly in

Kogi Central (Your Constituency) has increased to an alarming rate.

Paradoxically you accepted an award as the “Best Governor of the year on Security” Your Excellency, this award came with glamour and pageantry. Excellency, let me remind you of Herbert Spencer’s thought that synonymous to one believe in collective norms and I quote: “No one can be perfectly free till all are free; no one can be perfectly
moral till all are moral; no one can be perfectly happy till all are happy”. To this end, the ‘all’ in Spencer’s taught is we, your people from the central and by extension, Kogi State. Wake up to this challenge. The cross is enormous so also the glory in surmounting it.
Set up the right team to study both remote and immediate cause of this occurrence and you would be sure of right result. PLATO once said and I quote again; “When the supremacy of a man coincide with the greatest wisdom then the best law comes into being; until philosopher becomes a king and kings becomes a philosopher there is no true way to happiness, for individual or for the society” This thought is on departmental excellence what elementary economist refers to as division of labour.
Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland
You can play politics with every other issue, SECURITY NO! No space for political games. This is an onerous task that requires competence and professionalism. Remember, when a fool helps, the more he helps the worse the thing get” and to lead an untrained people to war is to throw them away. “The blow is half battle”. Those penning down security advice are leading you to nowhere. To justify the confidence of this award, Your Excellency, novel idea must arise like the phoenix.  Note, there are things that cannot be accomplished within the rule of the system, only extraordinary, and extra legal means can it be effected. 
Alh. Mohammed Sanni Omolori (Ciroma of Ebiraland), Clark of the National Assembly, a noble man, Saak!!! While saluting you sir, it is disheartening, unacceptable and unbelievable nightmare that you are playing mute over this heinous killing and un-warranted imposition of FEAR on the people we desire you lead some day. It is most annoying You Highness that you have systematically make FCT your home for celebrations and or ceremonies; your children weddings, prayers and other functions are gloriously carried out in Abuja. Ironically whenever you are invited for a function by emirs, Obas and royals, you go with entourage and crowed to let the people know a crowned prince of Ebiraland is here HOW SAD AND SHAMEFUL! Can there be home without home? You want to leave the security of life of your people to the lonesome governor? Aristotle once said, “Man is a political animal who live within the society to survive.
Saaki those Dubai Arab Emirate prince and princes will not desert their kingsmen for any causes. Sir you are not a Diaspora Prince. Come home and make effort to return normalcy to your people as saying goes “those whose houses are fire does not chase rat”. “In the end we shall remember not words or oppression of the enemy; but the silence of our friends” Martin Luther King Jnr.
Sir, Justice Moses Bello; Your Lordship, I can imagine you of all people that that had always been enthusiastic and passionate about Ebira Toa had suddenly join the “see and seal” group!  Ozi-Vero like my grandfather of blessed memory usually addresses you. Why? Why the silence? Does this simply mean consent to destroying the people and kingdom you so much cherish?  Is it because of the high walls surrounding you and your family you now abandon the defenseless community to this unjust bloodshed? What about that your burning desire of associating with old folks during holidays? Is that dead and become history? Where is justice when leaders abandon the led? Apart from the un-imaginable hunger ravaging our people couple with this severe burden of fear that is capable of destroying the society that gave you IDENTITY of a valiant and incorruptible judge, Anebira had become perplexed because no one among those they look up to had shown concern in this moment and justice, it must not be heard that you had become one of those that abandoned your people. Wake up sir. History will forgive you if you try and fail, but it will be in bad side of history if you never tried at all.
Alh. Sannusi Abubakar Gamji…a rare leader that identify with the poor from his hard-earned resources. Why have you chosen to toe the line of “I don’t care” You think this mental state of anxiety and excruciating fear in your father’s land is not enough to switch on your concern? At least I can pin-point some of your investment at home as a sign of the good son of the soil. You know sir, Ebira-people are resilient and apathetic enough to keep their bondage of poverty than to lose their life. I remembered the dignitaries you brought home during 3 days fridausi prayers of your late father (May Allah be pleased with his soul), sir if the atmosphere was this tense, despair and un-secure I am sure you dear not move such people home. Please come-out from the closet and initiate a move if others fail to take responsibility.
Senator M.S. OHIARE…. Distinguished Senator Sir, you are watching over your people to be subjected to trauma and perpetual fear of violent death and extortion without a word or public condemnation from you? My senator, the people’s senator we share your pains and disappoint perhaps, but not enough yardstick to back-out from the wellbeing of your people, a statesman need no political office to exhibit or display his love for the people. Senator Sir, the only title that distinguished you from your former colleague that worked with you in FCDA then was achieved through the popular mandate given to you by the people as their representative at the upper chamber (Senate) base on this premise there is no absolute justification to abscond from the people particularly when issue of this magnitude (Security) is at stake. Distinguished senator, your relevance in Kogi Central cannot be downplayed or under estimated. I therefore urge you to relate with other leaders to bring everlasting solution to this menace.
Senator Deen Obatemi… “The smart one” you have gone back on self exile or sabbatical, waiting for who will clean up the ground for you to contest election. Things are not done that way man, you have become a big-wig in your own right and matters like this should require you contributions. These are the people that chant and voted for you to
represent them at one point. Ebiraland under the siege of attack is it not obvious? I know politicians are like the bones of a horse’s shoulder not straight one on it “please go home and rescue your people. 

That is only fair.

Senator Ahmed Salami Ogembe…. Ozi-Ogembe here come the long awaited Senator you want to become. What is happening? Are you un-aware too? Or you are waiting for the governor too? This is happening in your time as senator representing Kogi Central. I heard it from the bush radio that Lokoja is longest place you reach now, for constituency visit, what a shame! Shame! Shame! It is an improper way of representing your people. The onus bent on you to set up a security committee for briefing, observation and study both primary and secondary course of this life threatening menace that have befallen you constituency. If you are in the highest law making institution of the land, and you remain in the same scale of vulnerable to watch the destruction of the people you represent without calling on the security institution to move a team to combat this menace, what is the glory of your representation? Should Dino Melaye be the voice for us?
Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland


I call on the aforementioned leaders to look at the message and forget the messenger. Enough of politics and display of complexity. It is time our people, your people are rescued from the claws of this criminals. We the youth of Ebiraland are given you all 21 days to synergize and come out with a rescue mission. If all remain in its high fence and seeming secured abode with no responses or concrete action is done to secure the lives of our people, I will mobilize the youth to know why the leaders had endorse this criminality. “There can only be hope for a society which acts as one big family not as many separate ones”.
This is a wakeup call to all Anebira to stand up and end this random physical assault.
Signed: Oganya Abdulrazak Mamman
Founder Campaign Against Thuggery/Violence in Ebiraland.
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