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We Are Missing The Old Ebira Movies Before You Start Producing – An Open Letter To Calabash

Published by on January 13th, 2017.

Sponsored Article by Ozovehe White Lion from UAE (United Arab Emirate), this article was paid for see how much we are charging for sponsored articles Click Here.

Its no news that the old Ebira Movies are the best Movies Ever Ebira people have ever produced and to my own notice, all are before Calabash started his business in Ebiraland.

Gone were the days when Ebira Movies from two acting groups Atigo and Mataga filming groups are rocking our land, to my own surprise most of the movies by this two groups are in audio and stage shows that look real with fascinating and educating stories, with a lot to learn compared to nowadays movies in Ebiraland (head meet desk) that are in VCD and in coloured and not black and white like the days, now look like stage shows that’s boring its audience.

Technology is to give more values to the movie industry, from the visual quality to the acting and script qualities but to Ebira Movie industry, other way round is the case. Hope you try and make adjustment to this.

I read an article posted on,  (Top 10 Ebira Movies You Need To Watch) even though I have vowed not to spoil my mood again in the name of watching Ebira Movies, When I E-mailed Yakubu Binuyaminu. about how I can get some of this Movies here in UAE! I really appreciate him for getting me Ireta Echu, Barakatu and Agididoyin and other two after watching this movies I recalled and compared the qualities to when we only listened to dubbed voices and watched in black and white TV back then.

I will like you (Mr Calabash) to compare all nowadays movies from the stable of your movie industry to the below Old movies:-

Oyin Eiza (Elder Sister)
Ozi Oku (Motherless Child)
Ozube Eta (Three Hunters)
Mataga (The Pig Thieve)

Ozi Oku: is the only first Ebira dubbed Movie people listened to only voices without seen any moving objects on any screen and listeners broke to tears (How Emotional!!) Top actors are Onubedo and Anavami. Before it was later acted as video for everyone to watch if you watch it too you will agree with me on this ground.

Mataga: Also top Ebira comedy movie that earn a great respect.

Did you remember this song lines from Echunavo in one old movie like that I can’t remember the title:

Emi Echu navo Oku eyi iruvo onuye wasiharega.

Emi anari Ahono edivi, edivi, ehimi, ehimi.

Emi ri Ori Ogwu Opa tu Egwu Uvo oku mire ku.

Ojinga Onoboni Ozoza iniresu Ozoz-Omegwuani.

Ozoz-Omegwu Ani, Megwani Oh, Ozoz-Omegwani.


I’m not the type that will analyze peoples problem for them without given them the solutions if I have one and if the person is going to follow them.

Its a simple thing to bring back, to revive the qualities of old movies again since its the days of technology, every movie must not be comedy in genre just because its make more money, I think more and more of tragedy movies are needed.

And lastly the old faces are Old, try and bring youths to act in the game they know more, thanks to Barakatu in some of her roles in the movies, the youths needs to know more about innovations, act movies in campuses, though its been a long time I’ve been in Nigeria last but I know Nigeria still got all those campuses good for filming and enough of the kasky sounds from background of movies.

I have tried my best to write in the last very simple English in other not to mislead the Readers my name is Ozovehe popularly called White Lion here in UAE I’m a Civil Engineer and a very big fan of Ebira Movies and for their non stop information from mother land (Ebiraland)

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