Over 60 percent of Ebira Women Are Independent: Ebiraland.com Media

As some will say kitchen assignment is enough for all married women, reverse is the case with Ebira Women. My Findings (Ebiraland.com Media), shows that

Ebira Women are 10 times Hard Working than the Men, and more of them are on their own with their Children.

A. Very Good example is is the Kogi State Governors First wife (not the Kogi State First Lady) she’s a. Very hard working woman that’s the reason the Governor can be so confident to put her in charge of a Multimillion naira business.

The result of my findings in the street of Okene, Kuroko, Inoziomi, Ogaminana,Nagazi, and Ihima; shows that most of Ebira Women are Divorced and have to one

way or the other take care of their children and sponsor them.

I came to find out that out of 100% of Ebira Women out their, they fell under three categories namely 1. Full House Wife, 2. Maried but not so dependent, 3.


  • 20% are full House Wife: these Women are main assignments are domestic assignment so they don’t have Job they are full house wife.

  • 20% are Married but not so dependent: out of this 20 percent 10 percent are not dependent wile the remaining 10 are this categories are supporters of the


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  • 60% Are Independent and Divorce : This category of Ebira women are the main reason of this article; this category have to cater for their Children and their

selves, they are Independent and crazily workaholic.

With my findings above Divorce is clearly noted in Ebiraland why is this common in Ebiraland is what I am working on. To be candid divorce this days is

spreading like a bush fire” this is one the things that pushed me into writing applications to some notable women in Ebiraland as a request for an interview

with them. Please stay tuned so that you wouldn’t miss it.

We have various successful women in Ebiraland ill name just two 1. Tao fm 101.9 manager is an Ebira woman, and 2. The Registrar of Federal University Lokoja

is an Ebira Woman.

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Written by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza a.k.a Binoosmart click here to see my full Profile on facebook.


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