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How To Cook Apapa, Ebira Peoples Moi Moi. : With Pictures

One major quality of a good housewife that cannot and will never be underestimated is cooking. Are you one of those women that prefer to eat outdoor and has eventually made eating outdoor your hobby?. Not because you love their food or because you just want to eat out, it’s because you can’t cook and you are not ready to learn. Believe it you will lose your husband one day to one of this street and homeless girls. Why? Because you don’t know how to cook? Well it’s not an excuse ma.

If I were you and if I’m not I will take offline or online extra moral lesson in cooking. It’s going to help you bet on me.

Start by reading free courses on, Start watching Guest Chef on NTA instead of hunting when Super Story will be shown. Thousands of free video courses on YouTube to begin with. Well a word is enough for the wise sha!!!.

If you are a steady and a constant reader of this small but mighty blog site ( you will agree with me that I have written tutorials articles on foods and soups that were hit Back to kcab (back), ranging from:-

1. How to cook Ebira Epehu Soup, known as Okra soup.

2. How to cook Ebira Ipapara Soup, known as Melon soup.

And now back with a new one;

How To Cook Ebira Peoples’ Moi Moi (Apapa in Ebira Language). Let the class begin.

1. Beans
2. Palm Oil
3. Onions
4. Pepper
5. Water
6. Seasonings
7. Salt

When I say Ebira peoples moi moi I know you will want to ask questions about the difference between the real Moi Moi and Apapa and my answer will be not much differences but the little differences will be made known during the process and will be judged by the end product (Apapa).

Not only Ebira People are consuming this product but its more rampant this days among Ebira People, its known as Abari in Yoruba Language. Hope you are following.

This Apapa can be cooked in two different styles or Methods.

1. Is that it can be cooked white with nothing added to it like the ingredients not even a pinch of salt. And will be eaten with stew or any soup of your choice.

2.  Is otherwise you will have to add all the necessary ingredients that make up Moi Moi.

First Stage:

Get your beans ready I didn’t mention quantity because I don’t know how plenty you can get it. And you know as the country is Hard now that we are facing Economy recession things are now cost so try to manage your money and resources wisely Ehen!!. No go steal in the name of me teaching you how to cook Apapa. Aboki’s are not nice these days.

Now  put all your Beans In a bowl and pour water to soak last it for about Ten Minutes, don’t let it stay too long like real Moi Moi, Just to wash and make it wet for easy grinding.
Note; Don’t peal while washing it’s not real Moi Moi, Ehen. After washing. Pour in a bowl with no water. See picture below;

It’s time to put all the necessary ingredients like Pepper and Onions, if you are not preparing the white Apapa, I prepared the one with Ingredients in this tutorial, see picture below and After that start grinding if you have grinder use yours or grind with money anywhere. Note must not be fine like Moi Moi while grinding Pictures below…

Stage Two:

After grinding, it’s time to stir just like normal Moi Moi and while stirring add your seasonings like Magi and Salt and add your Palm Oil. All ingredients quantities are based on the amount of beans used. Apply water while stirring. For better result. No Pictures

Stage Three:

After stirring and you have added all necessary ingredients now is time to pour little water in the pot you want to use. Put the water on fire and start boiling, pour your Apapa in nylon as many as you want.

Then cook till its done for like 20 minutes depending on the heat you applied…

After I cooked mine I have to top it with Garri (Cassava Dust) for those abroad and for those who don’t know the English of Garri no mind me, nah recession oh. Instead of spending N3,500 on Pizza start consuming Nigeria made foods now the mill I just prepared now is not up to 5hundred naira, that is economy for you.

Note: the variety or type of beans you used will determine your end product on a normal ground Apapa is not suppose to look like the one I got at my end product but that’s because I used Honey beans. Its suppose to darken in color but only for mouth you go know wetin I prepare joor..
Pictures of me eating my thing below.

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