14 Thoughts Girls Have When Applying Makeup

You LOVE makeup. From splurging at Sephora to writing your beauty blog, you consider yourself a straight-up pro. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some struggles along the way. Here are the 14 thoughts we have when putting on makeup.

1. I’m totally going to try out that fun eye makeup tutorial I watched last night

They make it look so easy! 

2. Or should I opt for a more natural look?

3. I’ll just go heavy on the liner and skip the eyeshadow all together.

4. Okay, primer is applied and it’s time to nail the winged liner.

5. UGH, I messed it up. 

6. Why do I always make this face when I’m applying mascara? 

Does everyone do this, or is it just me?

7. Should I use foundation or tinted moisturizer today?

Bad acne day calls for foundation.

8. Now time to cover up that massive pimple, aka the planet growing on my face.

Thank goodness for concealer.

9. Setting powder calls for sheer and even coverage.

10. Should I try contouring this morning? 

LOL. Nah.

11. Should I go for a pink or a red lip?

If I use red, it will probably end up all over my teeth…again.

12. I’m going to try over-lining my lips a little.

I really just want to achieve the Kylie Jenner look.

13. I totally nailed my look today! This calls for a selfie, or two or three.

14. Bow down because my look is ***flawless today.

Makeup on fleek.

 Source : Hercampus

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