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Ebira Language

[Poem] ZU KU MI ( Rain on me)

 Everything is fresh
The green grasses are growing.
With God’s blessings in my life,
My life once again starts to flow.
Ayàmbá Ohomorìhí,
Zù kú mi an ki orihí.

I’ll get to the height of greatness – without tumult
And no allusion can stop my quest.
I’ll elevate to success,
Yes!!!…..No to backwardness!
And surely,
I’ll give gratitude to God – all seasons
‘Cos without His favours,
my days are never days.
Ayàmbá Ohomorìhí,
Zù kú mi an ki orihí.

O God! I want to be drenched
in your blessings,
And find strength in my soul,
And might in mind.
I’m proud in God’s grace,
For He won’t leave my world so cold.
O God! Put a blissful smile upon my face,
Take me to the best place….
where prosperity knocks on my door,
And greatness waiting at the shore.
Ayàmbá Ohomorìhí,
Zù kú mi an ki orihí….
With cool breeze of peace.

[[Ayàmbá Ohomorìhí, Zù kú mi an ki orihí.  Meaning : This is Ebira Language meaning “Mercy of God, pour down on me like the rain”]]

Written For By
Oyereyi Muhammad.

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