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Dino Awards Renovation and Construction of Over 100 Boreholes Across Kogi West

The chairman Senate committee on FCT, Senator Dino
Melaye has awarded the construction and rehabilitation of over 100 borehole in the seven local governments of Kogi West senatorial district.

This was contained in a statement issued by his media Aide, Mr. Gideon Ayodele.

According to the statement, Senator Melaye in a way to
ameliorate the suffering of the people of the constituency in getting assess to portable water supply have considered the immediate award of the contract.

Senator Melaye said "generally, the level of water supply in our communities is poor. The situation is pathetic in the rural areas where water is either scarce or costly when it is available. Many trek several kilometres every morning and evening in search of water while others depend on polluted water from ponds, stream, rainwater and floods for domestic use, thereby increasing health hazard".

He further observed that safe water and sanitation are the essential indicators of sustainable development.

He said that the United Nations General Assembly, at its Millennium Meeting in 2000, established eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with targets to be achieved by 2015, with the aim of speeding up poverty alleviation and socio-economic development.

The MDGs were elaborated and endorsed by the intergovernmental community at the World.

Summit on sustainable Development, convened in. It was strongly believed that water quality management
contributes both directly and indirectly to achieving the
targets set out in all eight MDGs, although it is most closely tied to specific targets of the goal No. 7 which is to ensure environmental sustainability.

In his words he said "adequate water supply is synonymous with development whether it is urban or rural. In the rural areas or in the city peripheries water is either scarce or costly when it is available.

These he said informed his determination to work in this direction. He assured bis constituents of his determination to deliver dividends of democracy to their doorsteps.

Credits: Kogireports.

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