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Ebira Language

Difficult Words In Ebira Language You Should Know.

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With a lot of effort i have written ones, Ebira Names and their meanings just a little I Know, and that I can think of and right now I am bringing to you some difficult words in Ebira Language and their meanings in English just sit and learn or just bookmark this site, save this page for offline reading, just make it simple for yourself by just printing this page. Anyway is a way just read on.

Ikono – Small bell
Ako – Cup
Ipeku, Irehu – chair
Ahutara – Footer
Terekachi – Shift Down
Ekahana – Space between two hips(in farm)
Ukari – Cutlass
Oda – Tray

Iyepahozi – bath tub
Akoto – Bag
Asunu – Pulse
Akuu – Inner room
Iresi – Spoon
Igede and Ozigede- Padlock, Key
Odeh – Bed
Onokuka – Pot of Amala
Onokepe – Pot. Of soup.
Epete – Cooked Beans.
Ochoku – Combination of Cereals eg Rice and Beans
Ooba – Compound.
Ovovu – Origin
Omeyin – Marterners Family
Ovihi And Uvona – Exchange Of goods
Eva – Oracle
Arasi – cooker
Evahura – Mixture.
Oyiri – Skirt.
Ovente – Pant
Ogondo – Boxer
Eya – Plate.
Use – Rag
U_use – Gong
Okokoro – Trumpet
Opayin – Horn
Agidibo – jass
Ododoodo – Drum
Oozi – filter
Uha, Avaka – Tribal Mark
Ozizi – shaking
Esa – Tattooe
Opari – Wood carrier
Okepe – Soup Plate
Iraha –
Awee – Sponge
Okueya – Plate Cover.
Uruku – Pot Water.
Uvi – Placental
Oturagiri – Car
Oturagiri Ihineba – Plane
Ochichere – Computer.

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