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Buhari To Niger Delta Militants: Continue Blowing Up Oil Installations –You Will Regret Your Existence Soon

President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his resolve to deal with those involved in blowing up oil installations in the Niger Delta region.

Assuring that such persons and their sponsors will be

punished, Buhari disclosed that he had ordered service

chiefs to get the perpetrators.

Buhari, who spoke on the sideline of his London meeting, said: "What I know is that I was elected by the whole country. and the least I can do is to keep the country together somehow. I assure you we will develop the capacity to do it.

"If you can recall, I appointed a retired Brigadier General (Boroh). When I give people assignment, I develop terms of reference for them and I allow them to do their work. I understand the problem.

"I spoke with the Chief of Naval Staff and other service chiefs to work with him and help him to make sure that those who are blowing the installations, sabotaging investments in Nigeria; we will deal with them eventually."

On whether his government has reneged on the amnesty programme, Buhari said: "They are saying that the agreement on amnesty, including payment and training and employment were not being met. These are their allegations.

"So we put this officer who is from there to revisit the

agreement and get them and see which part of the

agreement the Federal Government needs to fulfill.

"The fundamental thing is that we have to secure Nigeria before we can manage it efficiently. I assure you that we are going to do that. Try and develop confidence in our ability to do it eventually."

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