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Official: Kogi State University Shelves Penalty on Late Registration

Fear has grip the Students of Kogi State University and questions raised. For clarity, The vice chancellor of Kogi State University, Anyigba, Professor Abdulkadir S Muhammed and the management has waved penalties paid by students on late registration.

Ogiri Cosmos reaffirms that Professor Abdulkadir who
assumed office recently, as the vice chancellor of the
institution said the N5000 additional payment would be waved for the students.

In appreciating the gesture Muhammed Buhari a final year student of Economics and the General Secretary of the Students Union Government said “the VC is a God sent at a time like this when the Economic situation of the country is down”

“This is a magnanimity towards the parents and students paying their school fees”, Said the Union’s Vice President Anthony Edeogbo who added that “considering the hardship of the society in general, student would now have enough time to sort their fees out before exams”

Workers and parents in commending this development,
lamented too over the backlog of salaries owed by the state government.

A parent Mr. Ochedi Akoh lamented that, the state
government have not been fair in handling the plights of the workers. He said “it is unbearable, paying for house rents, pay for transportation to work, pay children school fee and of course buy food for the family and yet for months no salary paid by your employer”
Source Credits :: KogiReports
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