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Eight Main Things Girls Do When They’re Home All Alone.

Please before freaking ou about this article, because i know people will talk that how can a guy know what Girls are doing all by their self alone at home, well A girl reveal to me.

Let's face it, as collegiettes, we usually have to fight for our alone time (especially when we're at home on break). Once it finally happens, these stages are inevitable.

1. Come to the realization that you are, indeed, by yourself

Where's mom?

2. Blast some music and dance

After all, no one's watching!

3. Pants are no longer required

Who needs pants?

4. Pausing when you hear the dreaded door

This always happens when you hear a knock at the door.

5. Feeling Bored?

Then you check yourself out in the mirror!

6. Going with the pants thing…

It is acceptable to parade around in your underwear.

7. Stuffing food in your mouth because you can

No one around to judge you!

8. Take your talents to the shower

Ferris knows what's up.

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