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Dating Ebira Girl V.S Dating A Yoruba Girl. My 7 Observations.

Before you start freaking out, I want to warn you that this post is obviously a generalization. Having lived in Ekiti State for almost 15 years and Osun state for 5years and in Ebiraland well you know that’s my home I Mixed with them avery where I go just like MTN lols, I feel quite comfortable comparing the two.
This article might come in handy if you’re dating a girl with a Yoruba or Ebira background or if you’re just curious about different cultures.
What I like about Nigeria is – it combines so many ethnic groups with so many cultures so know-how in a subtle. way that just works.
There are, however, certain differences that I noticed, especially in the dating world.
Yoruba Girl : She Is beautiful at least she tried her best.
Ebira Girl : Just three words for all Ebira Girls #Pot_Of_Beauty.

2.Geting Her Number.

Yoruba Girl: you will work hard just to get her phone number. Right away, she wants to have an idea of how hard you are going to work to get her attention. “He who begins well is halfway done”.
Ebira Girl: Giving you her phone number. means she is considering going out with you. It doesn’t take long to get — after all, it’s her number, not a wedding ring.

3. Flirting.

Yoruba Girl: A Yoruba girl can be very flirtatious and open about the way she feels about you. If she likes you, she can totally say something like, “I really like you, you’re a lot of fun.”
Ebira Girl: An Ebira girl prefers to be mysterious and not talk about the way she feels about you. You will have to solve her like a Math or Puzzle.

4. Drinking.

Yoruba Girl: She wouldn’t mind a few bottles of beers that can potentially turn into tequila shots and sake bombs. A Yoruba girl knows how to have fun. Getting tipsy at a date makes everything so much more exciting.
Ebira Girl: She will most probably stick to wine few bottles of Origin and keep it under control. If you were planning on getting her drunk, you might want to reconsider your plan because it won’t work.

5. Leaving Friends For You.

Yoruba Girl: Can take time away from her friend to talk to you on a night out. She might even ditch her friend for half the night, depending how interested in you she is.
Ebira Girl : Would never leave her friend alone. Therefore, either have a friend so you all pair up, or you need an odd number: 1, she is by herself; or 3, so she can spend some time with you because she leaves two friends together.

6. Ditching.

Yoruba Girl: Would beg and beg you not to ditch her and if she tried her best to no avail she may put a cause on you or leave you to God.
Ebira Girl: Will probably beg you for some. time if she. Tried too to no avail please leave that neighborhood or don’t ever date any girl around for if she didn’t kill you!!!believe me your girlfriend is dead.

7. In Bed.

Yoruba Girl: is more likely to be the best in bed. Yoruba. Girl can kill an average man who doesn’t know how to hold in Bed.
Ebira Girl: Tried too but are likely to faint when the Guy is too much lols.
So. You like this observation or you want to make corrections and ask questions at the same time please drop your comment bellow and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and Drop your Comments. 

Yakubu Binuyaminu
I am a Travel Blogger, Computer Engineer, Internet Marketer, and a Web Developer I can design the most perfect Website for your business for any info, hit me up on Whatsapp +2347033004080

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