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The Tribe That Owns Ajaokuta Local Government is Ebira Tribe. Ajaokuta Local Government was created from Okene Local Government in 27th of August 1991.

Informally, it takes the forms of storytelling, gossips and conversations, folk songs. Formally, sexuality education is carried out through cultural practices.

The parrot is known as Omoko in Ebira Language. People often use the name Omoko to qualify a liar or someone that talk too much.

Inheritance (Ogwu Oiga) is a cultural practice that cuts across the whole world.

As an Ebira Man maybe you have heard the story of Sango, maybe not but in this post i will analyse the whole story of Sango Olumoso

During the dawn of time, back in the days when Islam and Christianity was not paramount in Ebiraland, Ebira people have their own traditional unique ways of naming Children.

The Ebira Women Riot of 1951 had its root in the taxation of women in Ebiraland. This was the contribution of the Ebira to the general resistance of African Tribes to colonial rule. In a republican society like that of Ebira


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