My love for Barr. Natasha knows no bounds. It’s like an ocean that never gets dried. However, my love for Ebira land and kogi state at large, is like the passionate love for that which constitutes the ocean. It is on this note that I wish to call on Barr. Natasha to at this critical point in our history, think outside the box and not give in to impulsive decisions! If she does this with utmost sincerity, she would eventually understand that this isn’t a fight between GYB and Natasha, APC and PDP or APC and SDP, but a fight for supremacy between the Igalas and the Ebiras, a fight between slavery and freedom, and she will ultimately understand the essence of bringing the Kogi central votes to a point of convergence for GYB.

Natasha is a strong lady, resilient and persevering, determined and focused, no doubt. In fact, these attributes endeared her to me beyond doubt from the very first second I got to know her through one of her articles on the revival of Ajaokuta. She is indeed a woman of valor who has the interest of her people at heart and ready to lay down her life for the freedom of her people. I must salute her courage and assertiveness vis-a-vis her decisiveness. May God almighty continue to guide and protect her for our land.

However, the issue of governance in kogi state is intricately convoluted beyond what she has perceived it to be. It’s no gainsaying that a combination of Barr. Natasha and GYB, and by extension, a synergy between the duo will definitely mean hell for the enemies of our land that have laid siege to our dear Kogi state in the past decades, and are trying to stage a come back now. Iniquity between the duo may equally be a cause to the people the duo hope to protect. This is the more reason Barr. Natasha and GYB must form a common front to confront these Hydra headed friend turned foes that held us captive for decades before the intervention of God almighty.

Now, supposing GYB steps down for her, the reality is that she cannot withstand the Igalas in the forthcoming election, because her political structure is only most pronounced in kogi central, and have just recently began to permeate other zones of the State, truth be told my Lord. Her insistence on contesting the gubernatorial election is to me, a device by the enemies to divide the Kogi Central votes and render them ineffective. The implication of this is that the Igalas will eventually come back to the thrown resoundingly. Be rest assured that if this happens, we will greatly regret it, and the excruciating pain and scars may take many more decades to heal, God forbid anyway. But if you doubt me, try have a one on one chat with an Igala person, or go to their various social media handles, and you will be overwhelmingly convinced.

To the Igalas, GYB is the only threat to their chances of coming back whom they must employ every means to ensure his failure. Would it then be wise for someone from amongst us to willingly offer him/herself consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, overtly or covertly, by act of omission or commission, to be used by the Igalas to take us back to Egypt? I doubt if our generations to come will forgive that person should they be told how we shot ourselves on the foot.

If the Igalas can because of their love for their tribe and themselves, go to the extent making governorship of kogi state their family heritage, with some even rooting for the return of Wada whom grapevines reported to be mentally unstable, ( although I can’t say how true this is), then why are we sending our own to dance naked in the market square?

GYB might not have performed to our expectations, but believe me, you can quote me anywhere, he has surely not performed below average as most people are made to believe, especially if the mess in which kogi state was submerged before GYB’s emergence were to be considered . Even if he has, he deserves a second chance to correct his mistakes. After all, the Igalas boasted that even their goat will be a governor before the Ebiras produce a governor. Did it not come to pass?

My people, this is the best time to change the narrative and prove a point to the Igalas that we are not their slaves, and we are not a minority tribe or a walkover entity in kogi state. As inept and inactive or heartless you may think of GYB, he remains as of now, the only one, the only oracle of the night, the giant of the day and the white lion of the jungle we can use to fight this war and win overwhelmingly.

Barrister Natasha is undoubtedly, a force to reckon with in the Kogi Central politics, the great iron lady our time, the great and dogged lioness of the central, a visionary leader that has the interest of the masses, Ebira people in particular at heart. But I suggest and appeal that she joins force with GYB in the interest of Ebira nation, and Kogi state at large. By so doing, she would have written her name in indelible golden ink, even in the hearts of our generations to come if she does this for us. It’s not too late to do this my amiable Barrister, my Lord, a fellow comrade in the struggle, and you will forever live in our hearts, and in the hearts of generations to come for your selflessness and unconditional sacrifice for the betterment of our state, kogi central in particular.

I equally wish to use this opportunity to call on my governor, GYB to reach out to our iconic woman of revolution, Barr. Natasha for a formidable and effective synergy before November 16th, 2019. My governor, a leader you are, and humility runs through your veins, please it’s neither too late nor self-demeaning to reach out to her. After all, ”Ozoku aka ooza uda avi-avi ni. And besides, we still remain linked by brotherhood and share common parentage, by virtue of Adayi Ebira and Onyi Ebira. Okuta enyara órara, ome che!

And to us who are their respective supporters, it is our duty to make them see reasons to come together and form a formidable force to face the ojiahu nguenyi nini, who believe they own kogi state, while other tribes are their slaves. We must eschew violence, and use our tongues to count our teeth before any utterances or actions. We must not sound divisive in our efforts to please them. The insult from ohuha is worse than the a handshake that goes beyond the elbow.

I also wish to call on the good people our Okun/Kogi West brethren, and of course, the good people that exist amongst the people of Kogi East to join force with us for the restoration of equity in the leadership of Kogi state.

It’s time to drop our personal interests, and bring the interest of our dear land to fore. The time is surely now!

This is just my one kobo.

GYB 4+4 is sure a divine mandate, and Insha Allah, Victory shall be ours.

Long Live Ebira Land
Long Live Kogi Central
Long Live Kogi State
Long Live Nigeria
Long Live APC.


Comr. Sani Abubakar Muhammed Omeiza
Fmr. State House of Assembly Aspirant, Adavi Constituency.
From, Okunchi. (

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