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My Victory Will Set A New Dawn In Kogi, Nigeria – Natasha Akpoti.


The Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship aspirant for Kogi State election, Barr. Natasha Akpoti, said her victory will set a new dawn in the political history of Kogi State and Nigeria as the first elected female governor.

Speaking with newsmen after submitting her governorship forms on Tuesday, Akpoti said, Nigeria in its years of democratic existence has never produced a female elected governor, adding that women who have been contributing their own quota in shaping the democracy to what it is today always occupy the back seat when it comes to governance of the country.

“We are not pleading this time around, we are asking our due right in nation building because any country that shutdown one of its gender from contributing its own quota towards its development is a country led half blind.

“If we look around our country we are not proud of what it’s today, I keep making reference to Nigeria as a whole because all of the assets Kogi State has are federal assets so it is not wrong to say Nigeria as a whole is actually waiting for Kogi State to wake-up and we are going to wake-up because in our land we have thirty two best natural resources and by the time we harness it, it can generate so much more for Nigeria much more than the oil and gas reserves we have relied upon.

“If our country is looking at diversification then our country and all the government agencies should support us in SDP in bringing and voting Natasha Akpoti as governor of Kogi State in November 16 because the dream of Kogi State is one that is occupying a pivotal aspect in the eco system of our nationhood is a dream of all Nigeria.

“I call on everyone to please support this dream and vote in Nigeria first female governor, a woman who will be able to contribute her own modeling skills she has used in nurturing her home into nurturing  her society because a stronger society is a stronger state and a stronger state is a stronger country”, she said.

Akpoti maintained that, Nigeria is not ought to be where it is today as a country, adding that the country is saddled with poverty and all the misfortune because state like Kogi State that ought to be much more in it’s geographical existence and drive the frontier and stronger political, economical, technological, ethical and legal atmosphere, found itself way back beyond what it ought to be.

“Right now as we are setting a pace for a new Nigeria, it is not wrong to say a new Nigeria is going to be born from Kogi State in November 16 election.

“We all know I’ve advocated for the revival of Ajaokuta Steel company because of its position in driving the industrialization of Nigeria. The moment I resume office, I am going to work closely with the presidency because as at today it’s still a federal project but irrespective of that, the state government has enormous influence in ensuring that as a host state of the greatest steel plant in Africa it realises its dream beyond its moribund state so that it can generate tons of revenue, generate thousands and if possible millions of jobs for our unemployed youth because through that we will be able to drive a new Nigeria that is industrialized, that is robust and become a pride of West Africa and Africa itself”, she said.

While answering questions on how she will manage Kogi State with its debt profile of one hundred and fifty billion naira (N150b) and the source of her confidence despite what happened in the last election, Akpoti said Kogi State has such a huge debt profile because its economy has been basically redundant.

“The private sector is nonexistent, SMEs are down, there are no industries functioning that is why the state has not been able to generate income, it has been relying and sustaining itself by federal allocation and that goes against the spirit of true federalism.

“Once I become governor, I am going to practice that which our constitution upholds, take our destiny into our hands and revive as many industries as possible and we would not have to rely on federal government for any support rather we would be wealthy enough to contribute to support weaker states and even contribute money to support federal government because by all standards if you have thirty two natural resources there is no reason why you should be poor”, she said.

Akpoti further explained explained  that, “on the challenges we could envisage, our senatorial election was quite volatile but we understand the dynamics were different, the whole country was at electoral phase but by November 16, there will be only two states that will be up for election and I just believe all the machineries and apparatus that are responsible for ensuring free and fair election will be focused on this two states, so I have no fear.

 “Apart from that, my team and I, the SDP and members of the public that believe in us will continue preaching peace and when you give and preach peace I do not think anyone will come to us with war because if we are in the same mission of ensuring that Kogi State is more prosperous and better for our children and our future generation, then there is no need to fight and kill ourselves only to rebuild our nation. So,  I am not afraid of what may come because I enter the race in clean hand and by the grace of God everything is going to work in our favour”, she said.


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