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Nigeria is a country in West Africa with multiple ethnic groups, we have a lot similarities in culture but you can only observe if you look closely, Kola Nut is one of those similarities its just that the way each people eat and use it may be different. Ebira People call it Irevu, Yoruba ‘Obi’ Hausa ‘Gworo’, Igbo ‘Oji’ etc.
When next you meet a Nigerian ask him how Kola Nut is been used in his ethnic group, reason that number of Nigerians still believe in using Kola Nut for Religious, Cerimonial reasons and traditional purposes while some eat it for fun.

Traditional Uses Of Irevu (Kola Nut) in Ebiraland.

Acoording to my Igbo friends its said that when visitor visits and Kola-nut is not served it means the visitor is not welcome, thesame thing is applicable among Ebira People back in the days not anymore. It’s rare to see Ebira People presenting visitors this days with Irevu but some Ebira Elders still consume Irevu on a daily basis
Note that Irevu is considered a hard drug in some part of United Arab Emirate.

Religious Use of Irevu (Kola Nut) in Ebiraland.

Traditional religious worshipers in Ebiraland use Irevu for so many things that i cant mention in tis article but i will mention that one that will be understandable by Ebiras in diasporal. Irevu is used as an offering to the gods or the Ohiku (ancestors) to guide and bless them. The use of Irevu by the traditional believers is primarily used by Oheva (Oracle Consultant) since its presumed that Irevu is the favorite food of Eva. So therefore to appeal to Eva for guidance or anything, Irevu is offered (Eva is the Ebira god of wisdom check below image for clarity.

Though in the Northern Nigeria is noted that during the islamic celebration Irevu which is Gworo in Hausa language is offered as gift.

Ceremonial Use of Irevu (Kola Nut) in Ebiraland.

Just as Mentioned earlier Kola Nut is used in various ceremony across Ebiraland such event may be, Traditional Marriag, Naming Ceremony or Traditional Burial Ceremony. According to Lois Isoiza Rachiel, Kola-Nut is used in the United Kingdom among Ebira People to kick start ceremonies such as child dedication.

During Ebira Traditional Wedding Irevu is presented by the Grooms Family to the wedding ceremony along with other gift item, Irevu is one of the most important item in Traditional Wedding. The Kola-Nut for the wedding or naming signifies fertility and protection from evil.


Kola-Nut contains caffeine and as a result its used widely in all facet of life in Nigeria ranging from Students trying to stay up at night to read, to Employees that needs boost in position at work, market women, Elders and politicians. it serve as a binding forec across Nigeria. Its Popularly grown in South West of Nigeria Yorubaland to be precise (Osun, Ekiti and Ondo State).

Although this article is based on my own personal exposure to traditional and cultural use of Kola Nut in Ebiraland but its the truth about Irevu. Please drop your comments and opinions below this article and please share with your friends.

Written by;
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
CEO Ebira Online Media.

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    • Yakubu Binuyaminu

      May 23, 2019 at 2:23 PM

      Wow Mr Onimisi thank you so much for your comment please download our Mobile App for ease of access of my future articles

  2. Oyiza Adams

    May 23, 2019 at 2:24 PM

    Nice article it’s so educating.

    • Yakubu Binuyaminu

      May 23, 2019 at 2:25 PM

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  3. nasso

    May 23, 2019 at 3:59 PM

    There are many ebiran who don’t know the meaning of this kola not until me,,thanks brotherly this is good its so educative both in cultural and traditional,,u have done well dear one

  4. nasso

    May 23, 2019 at 4:00 PM

    There are many ebiran who don’t know the meaning of this kola not until me,,thanks brotherly this is good its so educative both in cultural and traditional,,u have done well dear one God bless you

  5. Adinoyi Uhuache Victor

    June 4, 2019 at 3:33 PM

    Kudos,i give my hand, u are doing a great job, keep it

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The Ebira Concept Of Ozi-Emasu And Enebe.

credits to Yagbe-Onilu

Disclaimer: Please note that even though all my articles are based on facts (research), it is for educational uses only, I am not an herbalist as some people will put it, I am a very good Muslim but my line of work make me do research out of my own curiosities. Also please ignore all my grammatical errors, I will keep all my contents simple and concise in such a way that even an illiterate will be able to understand. I am Anebira not Americana, so try and keep up.

If you read the previous article I wrote about Onovave (Reincarnation), you will notice that this topic is somehow related to it. The similarities between this articles is that of Eva (the oracle of wisdom) that is involved, reason been that back in the times of our ancestors even they believe in God, they consult Eva through Oheva to solve every problem that arise in the community.

Ozi-Emasu could sound primitive but it’s real most especially in West Africa and mainly among our tribal folks (Anebira). Ozi-Emasu completes several life cycles with one mother. In some reality cases, the Ebiras, in one of their traditional ways of deterring Ezi-Emasu from death after reborn is deface such children, either by cutting the finger, ear, or a deep mark in the face or back or by burning them. To a great surprise most of this children when reborn will have the same marks exactly the way they were been defaced before they died.

It is believed that Ezi-Emasu plummet the fortune of their folks, and their greatest joy is to see their mother cry when they die, severally because the tears on their mothers face are valuable in the spirit of Ezi-Emasu. Emasu time in human life is short and their death mostly occurs immediately after birth and the time of their joy, like graduation or marriage.

Enebe and Ozi-Emasu are the kind of children according to the Ebira belief who make pledge concerning the duration of their life, and they reunite with their fellow members in the spirit life after death. Some traditions also confirmed that some Enebes must have married their mates and probably bore children over there (in the spirit world), by coming to the human world, they will find it difficult to get married or to have children of their own.

The Ebira beliefs that the Enebe and Emasu spirits always roam about during mid-noon, and night and the most places they can be found are T junctions, dumping grounds (Itutu), river sides, grave yards, jungles and inside trees (Iroko tree for example), and all these places are forbidden for pregnant women, if you are a Muslim you will notice that this align with the so called Jinn entering peoples body in such areas. The belief is that if pregnant woman should come in contact with them they could follow her home, and could eventually give birth to a child with Enebe or Emasu spirit. (This is a very big lesson to all women). Thank you for reading my article.

Written by;
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart).

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Music: Binoosmart – KEBIRA ft Ebira All Star. Download

Ebira Online Cypher 1.0 Kebira

#KEBIRA (Speak Ebira) is a song centred at some Ebira People’s in diaspora behaviour, where you meet with them and they either snob you or pretend to be non Ebira, this hurt a lot, most especially seeing parents speaking other languages to there children and neglecting there own.

I think we all should keep preaching the gospel to everyone, as people are really forgetting how to speak good Ebira Language these days, i am a victim though.

Artists In This Cypher

  1. Binoosmart (Yakubu Binuyaminu)
  2. Zulkaly
  3. NickiBerry
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  5. Lil Em
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This song is a must download, update your playlist with this awesome song #Kebira download, listen, comment and share please…

Download Kebira by Binoosmart mp3

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Onovave (Reincarnation) means the new life after a biological death (the dead body begins a new life somewhere else). In Ebiraland it is believed that everyone in life reincarnated some fallen souls in their respective families that is the major reason for Eva Ozi in Ebiraland that some people still do till date, we have experience a situation whereby someone got sick abroad and was later brought back home (Okene, Kogi State. Nigeria) because of this Eva Ozi and he was healed. Some believe that depending on the person reincarnated, if the person reincarnated want to be known, they will surely disturb the person that reincarnated them and must be done through Oheva (one that consult the Oracle of wisdom). My next article will be on Eva Ozi (this is against Islam and Christianity as these two religion believe that it’s an act of Satan), please stay tuned and read this article first on Onovave…..

Note: This is for Educational purposes only, before I write any article on Ebira Online Media ( I either follow the fact that people wants to know that topic or it’s a topic in Ebiraland that is worth knowing for nowadays youth like myself or I write based on request from my followers and fans.
Why am I writing this article now? It’s because one of my followers ask for help on Onovave if it’s true or just another story to scare little children. The person email content below;

Yusuf Ozovehe, Wrote: Hello Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza of Ebira Online media I really need your help regarding Reincarnation please it’s urgent.
Please I had a brother that we don’t get along at all we are like water and fire even though I love my brother so much and care about him and I am sure he feels the same way but we have never for once get along in the house I feel very uncomfortable anytime we are around each other. What really surprise me is that my mum knew about this and she thinks it’s nothing. When I asked her why she felt at peace knowing so well her sons are not getting along? She replied with, since those that reincarnated the two of you never get along till their death (my elder brother reincarnated my grandfather while I reincarnated my grandfather’s younger brother).
Believe me bro, this has got me down ever since and I don’t know what to do, please help me out, since you are in Nigeria and things like this might not be new to you over there. Thanks in Advance…
Yusuf Ozovehe, From England.
My answers will be in two forms, 1. Ebira Traditional Believe About Onovave. 2. Islamic Believe About Onovave).

Ebira people believed traditionally that anybody that died untimely death come back to life In the same form but different location and different tribe to complete his remaining years on earth, this Onovave topic is a broad one according to my grandfather that is putting me through, he said he has heard stories of people that died in Okene and was found 10 years later at a very small village in Yoruba land with his own family (wife and children). He decided to bring them home after so much disturb from the wife that she needs to know where he is from he brought them home but later he was nowhere to be found, he pointed to me the family that it happened to in Inoziomi and he said it was a story he heard growing up, he is not sure if it’s true, lot of people have been saying it and the family has never for once denied it.

Also after Eva Ozi has be done in Ebiraland by Oheva and the person reincarnated has been known, this is when names like Inya, Inda, Mummy, Daddy came from in Ebiraland, because they believed some fallen family members have been given birth to again. This kind of children became spoilt as they will be over pampered believing they are elders. (In Yoruba land its Babatunde or Yetunde which means Father or Mother is back again).
Please Note: I’m not saying that everyone with above name gone through the process of Eva Ozi; all I am saying is that, it started from there, ok? Some people gave such name to their children just to sweet them thanks.

Islam believed that it is possible but they are not the same person, it is the work of the devil trying to lead you astray Evil spirit take the form of your dead family member to deceive you, if you believe in it you visit the Oheva which is strictly against the law of Islam. Please be careful about this…
Thank you for reading my articles.

Please if you like what I do on Ebira Online Media consider donating to us any amount you are capable of to keep us bringing more topics like this in Ebiraland.

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