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Top Ebira Love Songs of 2019. April Edition.

This first of the series of Ebira lists that we will be publishing every month, in this post I will be sharing with you some of the top Love Songs from Ebira musicians. Both at home and in diaspora. So let the list begin.

1. Whinny – Odo’Yewu (The Beautiful One)

Yes this made the number one position because of the tight lyrics and the words used in the song. Omo if you don’t like this song that means you don’t know music. This song love lyrics is too loud. What I really don’t understand about the artist is that, how can you be a blogger and you will be so damn good at singing. So Odo’Yewu is worth the hype.

Download Odo’Yewu by Whinny click mp3

2. Sirjunior – ODII.

I have been trying to ask the ODII crooner about the meaning of ODII but here it is. The artist sing like he is a trapper but in this song it’s like Doing Afropop plus real Hip-hop If you are Wizkid fans that means you will really love the song….

Download ODII by Sirjunior click mp3

3. Itabriz – Good Feeling

Itabriz needs no introduction he is the only hardcore rapper Ebira people has got as what true definition of real rap is though. Unlike other rappers that are commercializing their rap game Itabriz is still keeping it real… You will love this song…

Download Good Feeling by Itabriz click mp3

4. Yunique – Aguvi Awu (Teni – Case (cover))

Yunique! As far as Ebira Music is concerned he is still the most sort after musician in Ebiraland this Song he titled Aguvi Awu is the cover of case song by Teni Makanaki the Ebira Version though so if you have listened to Teni’s case before you will like it…

Download Yunique Aguvi Awu mp3

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