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When the people heard about the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ they did not just hear, they follow him. Many did not even allow their conditions hold them back. They push and push to reach out to Jesus for healing. A good example is the Biblical Woman with the Issue of Blood’. Her condition was so pathetic to have deserve sympathy and help from her people but she was being rejected. Yet she never gave up. With great Faith, the woman forced through the crowd to touch Jesus garment and became whole.
Kogi State needs healing, restoration and fresh breath of air in the politics and governance of our people.

Today Kogi people having heard of the good works of the New direction government they are dropping their clutches (hindrances) to follow GYB. Drop your clutches and get your miracle. Drop your shame and get your miracle. Support and vote Governor Yahaya Bello for continuity and get your miracle performance and development. Your clutches could be what have been used to deceive us.

Why should we be talking about block of classrooms when people are dying of ill-health.

Why should we be talking of borehole with untreated water causing typhoid when everyone is still buying sachet water?

Why won’t we talk about recruiting, training and retraining teachers for primary and secondary schools?

Why is our school system giving us half-baked graduates?

Why won’t we train our graduates to prepare them for the challenges ahead?

Why are we not scared of the future dangers that will be caused by the insecurity in our societies….kidnapping everywhere?

It will be too fatal to undermine the urgent need for a REAL CHANGE. A change of hearts and minds.

Why are we hypocritical with things that matters?
Building of block of classrooms where there are no teachers is a misplaced priority.

Brothers and Sisters, this is the time to follow who knows road. If we must get to our destination, we must not drive behind a parked vehicle.

Governor Yahaya Bello knows the way and ready to show the way to those who need a way.

We have to categorically tell you that it is the wish of some of our elected leaders to get our youths employed but they don’t know how to go about it. Remember you can’t give what you don’t have.

You need to be creative and attentive to assess the people’s needs otherwise you will be bandaging a wound rather than treating it. Our elected leaders have been bandaging our wounds rather than treating us.

Join us to Support, & Vote GYB for continuity


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Download Ohunene Song – Ozube ft Masta P



Lady T popularly known as Ohunene, she is a formal number one Ebira Actress leading all other actresses in Ebiraland back in the days, not until she suddenly disappeared, rumours has it that she got married and decided to dish acting to focus fully on her marriage.

We say god bless her home and to remember her and to remind her again that we still miss her roles in Ebira Movies and in the Music industry, i provide to you one of her hit song back in the days, she titled Ozube which means hunter in Ebira Language. Download it below

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Introducing mi-Tribe A500 – The Best Value Smartphone Yet



Everything about the mi-Tribe phone is beautiful. It is incredibly light and has a sandstone textured back that feels great in your grip. This means it has less chances of slipping out of your palm. The m-Tribe A500 comes with a 5-inch HD IPS display which has an incredible pixel density bordered by an ultra-narrow bezel, giving mi-Tribe A500 a screen-to-body ratio for a maximized viewing experience; everything you see is big, bright and more beautiful.

It is an Android device and runs on the 5.1 Lollipop OS. Its 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor ensures you so you enjoy slick web surfing, smooth video playback, great gaming experiences and multitasking that doesn't hang or get jammed. What is also great about this phone is that it is a dual sim device and has both the mini and micro sim slot. It also comes with an FM radio. This is something rare to find these days. It's 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera makes for great pictures and selfies every time.

You can have all your favourite videos and multimedia files as the mi-Tribe A500 has a 16GB internal memory expandable to 32GB. To ensure you enjoy all of these, this device has a quick charging battery with low energy dissipation to keep your performance running. You get N2000 off your first Uber ride if you use the code miafrica. To get all the best Konga App only deals and a seamless shopping experience wherever you go, the mi-Tribe A500 is pre-loaded with the Konga Shopping App. All these come for just N23,500. This is certainly the best value for a smartphone yet! Click here to buy the mi-Tribe A500..

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