Article: My friends were around when I mad my first Million.




I was so excited, finally I’m a millionaire haha… So, I called my guy, we went to a very sharp hotel.

Lodged in 2 different rooms…on my tab.
Eating expensive hotel dishes…on my tab.
Ordering expensive spirits and wines…on my tab.
Importing and straffing pretty girls…on my tab.

Heck, he brought in 2 more guys I didn’t know…on my tab.

I was rich, right? I have a huge million naira in my account, it can’t possibly finish from spending a few thousands, right?

WE were balling, living the life, having so much fun… Who’s paying for it, that’s right, stupid Deon 🙂

WE blew 500k, more or less, in the hotel before my senses returned, I wasn’t a millionaire anymore, and I still had other bills to pay.

So in about a month afterwards, I was back to square one, my friend(s) had gone back to their houses, answering their surname and telling me everything will be fine, “we go ball again” 😂

He was my friend but he didn’t talk me out of a stupid adventure, he was all for it, he was probably way more stupid than I was or so I think.

The people you call your friends, what do you discuss with them? Are you growing together or balling together? Who’s paying? Do you think you have sense? Do you think they have sense?

I’m not the wisest guy, I’m still young and stupid, I still make stupid decisions BUT I do it alone now, just me, myself and I.

Two stupid heads are worse than one!

What’s the point?

Nothing! there’s no point at all, what you take from what you’ve read is totally up to you.

It’s 2019, you’re getting old, be smart, work smart and be safe.

In all you do as a young Nigerian, always use your fucking head!

Copied though. Make your decisions alone now, eat your fucking money alone. Some friends are there to kill you.

Cc Deon

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