Ajaokuta Bill Was Declined To Address Grey Areas – Oseni


By Zacchaeus Ozovehe.

Contrary to the much-publicised stories about President Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged decline to Ajaokuta Steel bill, Kogi Central Senator-elect, Dr Yakubu Oseni has clarified that the bill was stepped down in order to address some grey areas and have inclusive inputs of relevant stakeholders in the steel sector.

Dr Oseni made this known recently in Abuja shortly after concluding his induction training programme organised for members of the incoming 9th National Assembly.

The Senator-elect who expressed dismay at the level with which some people dish out information without thorough scrutiny in order to cause disaffection among Nigerians emphasised that President Buhari is a meticulous leader who would not involve himself in venture that could mortgage the future of the country.

“The Ajaokuta bill was not the only bill turned down by President Muhammadu Buhari as a result of sensitive observations made by him. It will amount to travesty of truth to say it has been discarded totally.
“Ajaokuta bill is still on and we are going to work extensively on it, particularly on the grey areas pointed out by Mr. President. Our President is a very meticulous leader, he doesn’t want to make mistakes that could jeopardise the future of our dear country because of failure to adhere to due process,” he said.

There is no gainsaying, the Senator reiterated, that Ajaokuta project is so gigantic and the president would not just decline assent without critically assessing and putting into consideration the grey areas begging for attention.

Dr Oseni assured his constituents and Nigerian at large that the bill seeking to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company would be presented again to Mr. President in a more comprehensive manner when the 9th Senate is inaugurated in June.

While revealing that the National Assembly has over 40 bills that was not assented to by Mr President due to one reason or the other, the Senator-elect restated his commitment to meet the yearnings of his people, which according to him is his driving force for leadership.

“My people know what they want and they know me very well. I am not new in service to humanity. The only thing needed now is to step-up my game because this is a higher responsibility. Just keep faith with the leadership of President Muhmmudu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello for more gains.”


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