Do These and You Yill Hold any Girl Down For Life – Ebira Romance.


Guys let’s prove to them that Ebira Men are Romantic. Make I teach you something’s that will hold any girl down for you.

If you have a Bae Invite her to your room . Buy her something so Small and Sweet (Chocolate and her favourite Snack )while sitting with her and talking Give her that package you bought. Tell her lets take some pics make Video and watch Some Movies .Then look her deep in her eyes Tell her U love her.

Later on play some Music , sing for her so terrible Make her laugh Hold her hands Dance for her, Make her feel free to be around you. Let her wear your T-shirt when she wants to I know it will be big size to her(some sha) then laugh her till she get angry Then cuddle her for few seconds. Then play with her, What ever you’ll be playing Let her win When she’s winning Hold her tight ask her who is the boss bae?
I know she’ll say your Bae Then kiss her on the forehead When she’s about to leave Let her leave with your favourite T-shirt
Let her have your Phone

When you accompany her Talk with a sad voice “Babe I’ll miss you” Kiss her forehead more than twice . Hug her for 1 minute. It won’t be easy for her to cheat on you .
Brother if your lady visits, it doesn’t have to be all about sex . They also need to spend some time with you.

Depending on the type of bae though those ones that are illiterate may be seeing you like time waster…
Ezi Anidayi am I communicating?

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