Aliyu Salami(Inda)) The Chairman Kogi State Internal Revenue_

What is however exceptional in your narrative is that the crowded catalogues of your strings of achievements within your serving years as a banker make your documentation a compelling imperative and a worthwhile periodic chromite of events of our time. Going by the consummate passion and the driving zeal with which you brought into the banking sector since you were employed at Afribank made you to mastermind the then standard first bank(SFB) and later moved to United Bank Of African(UBA) where you became the regional director and later promoted to be the country managing director(MD) of United Bank Of African (UBA) chad republic and now the Chairman internal revenue.

Kogi State, it is most reassuring that the young man has come to the pulpit of leadership sufficiently prepared and formidably guided with a well thought out blue print to reposition his own State, Ebiraland and makes His Excellency proud.

Aliu Salami(Inda) achievement can be described and attend awarded as “A Giant Foot Print in Service”, he has amply demonstrated most clearly that dreams can turn into reality if all hands are on deck to support.

With the pragmatic steps taken so far, he has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that when Honest, Sincere, Effective, Competence, Bold and God fearing leaders ascend the mantle of leadership the sky will be the limit of the people in growth and opportunities.

Thus in taking meticulous stock of your score card since in office, one can only be justified to weigh you on the scale and simple pendulum of the variables of objectivity.

It is therefore hope rekindling and reassuring that at a critical time as this, Kogi State Internal Revenue is blessed with a man in the person of Nda Aliu Salami who has a sufficient dose of morality and a driving passion to readdress fatal fundamental errors of the past and give support to the new direction government ably led by His Excellency Alh.Yahaya Bello in moving the State forward and his reelection bid come November 2019

We appreciate you, your leadership role and empowerment before the just concluded general election as we charge you to continue with your good work as you take a statistics of the Youths across Kogi central for more empowerment, jobs and good education.

We want to assure you, the reelection of His Excellency Alh.Yahaya Bello come November will be victory by God’s Grace, so continue with your unflinching support to the new direction government and the Youths at large.

Thanks and God bless

*Signed: Comr. Williams*