Viral Video: Fall Down And Die “Dance” Hits Okene Street in Kogi State


    Fall down and die dance is trending.

    The ‘fainting’ dance craze has taken over South Africa and is now infecting Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania and has already hit China.

    King Monada’s (a South African Musician) hit song ‘Malwedhe’ which has inspired the #IdibalaChallenge, is now spreading beyond South Africa’s borders, and has been spotted as far afield as China.

    The star says he has since been invited to perform in the UK.

    Not only that this viral dance video has already spread across Nigeria and has been spotted in Bayero University Kano, UNIZIK and also in Okene Nigeria….

    See Video Below and some pictures after the cut

    The Video From Okene Party:

    Picture from BUK

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