Ebira Music: Salawu Ofelele – 1986 Record. Vol 1. Download For free.


The late Salawu Ofelele is the best and the most popular Ikede musician Ebira People ever had and he is a hero he died in year 2000 i still remember his face he is tall and a stammerer.

In 2000 as i can remember, when the popular singer, Mr Ofelele Salawu died in an auto accident along the notorious Okene-Lokoja-Abuja road, supporters wrongfully accused a lady from his hometown, Eika, of causing the accident. The helpless lady and her house were set ablaze. There is no evidence in support of witchcraft or occult practice.

This song is his 1986 record i have it here an you can download it here for free below:



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