How To Resolve Access Denied Notification On FRSC 2018 Recruitment Portal

access denied frsc recruitment 2018

I publish on this blog How to Apply for FRSC 2018 recruitment excersice one of my readers saw this and decided to apply and he filled and submitted the online application form for the officer cadre position, received her username and password in her email inbox but she was unable to complete the application as required by FRSC.

Whenever she clicks on the “complete application” link when signed in to the FRSC recruitment portal, he gets redirected to an “access denied” page which displays the message : “Access denied, please Login to continue application“.
So i searched online for help and finally got an answer on how to resolve this issue on OgbongeBlog read Below:
After trying different web browsers on her smartphone and laptop to no avail, she decided to seek for my help. After trying some recommendations in some Nairaland threads related to the frsc recruitment exercise, I was able to help her complete the application. She got her application code and was able to print out her data page from the frsc jobs portal.
The whole process is summarized below :
Login to the FRSC recruitment portal at :
UnRegister the current profile. ( Applicant login > my account > unregister). Click here to read how to unregister frsc application.
Sign out of the portal.
Click on the position you want to apply for as seen in the screenshot below :
register frsc recruitment application 2018

Complete the fresh application form using an email address and phone number that is different from the one you used for the profile you unregistered earlier. (I used a Firefox web browser on a laptop).
Once you submit the online application form, your username and password will be sent to your email address. Use the login details to sign in to the portal but ensure you change the password before doing anything else.
To change your password at the frsc portal, login to the frsc portal, click your name, click “my account”. click “manage password” and change your password from there. The default “change password”link might not work.
After changing the password, sign out and re-login to the recruitment portal.
Click on “Applications” > “My Applications” > “Complete Application”
Enter your next of kin details, education history details, upload your passport etc and complete the application.
Once completed successfully, you will be able to print out your frsc application data page.
print frsc recruitment form document for job vacancy nigeriaYou will also receive an email confirmation containing your frsc recruitment application code.
That’s all.
Try it and I hope it works for you.
Content and Image Credits to – Ogbongeblog.


  1. Terima kasih sudah menjadi tutor kami mengenai factor ini.
    saya sangat menikmati artikel anda ddan amat menghargai bagaimana kamu benar-benar menangani masalah yg saya anggap kontroversial.
    kamu senantiasa baik hati kepada pekbaca seperti saya dan menopang
    saya dalam hidup saya Terima kasih.


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