Just a few days ago I shared with you Ebira Traditional Song by Diyo (Ozi Niger) titled Ume Ovumeni if you have not already downloaded it you can click here to Download this Ebira Song, but right now is a renown icon some people might know this Man while a lot of youth wouldn’t. so download this song find downloading link below.

Download for free IRENUOHI – ETUNO music below and don’t forget to share with your friends after downloading this is volume 1 only volume 2 coming up soon. 
Note: This song is  a traditional music so its different from Afro Pops, its a large file thats upto 18MB


  1. Am from ihima i base in Ghana please i will be very happy if you can post odenku 2017 i have already download this particular one you post but i will like you to post that 2017 may God bless you

  2. The unchangeable changer will bless the bloger who by this time trying to give the remembrance of the great people of ebira.That you devote your time to tell the public how talented ebiras are, Gid will bless you most especially binuaminu and others.Gid bless you all.

  3. I plead with the director of this site to also put an effort in disseminating or upload ebira musics such as Irenuohi odenku, samenty, Achuchu ogidi, Avokuta ozuri so that our people who refused to come shoukd be able to be updated in our culture and to the tribes who dont know whom ebira is.I pray that sky should be your limit.Thanks and God bless.I remain comrade Momohjimoh Hamza Ojo

  4. Thankful to put it online it long time I wish to have it sine I left Nigeria once again thanks all so much please try put it more online I wish all of you well long life and properties


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