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Organisation Set To Hold Youth Peace Conference In Abuja

The 2018 Nigeria Youth Peace Conference, organise by Peace Ambassador Agency with the theme, “The role of Nigeria youth, security agencies, media and religious leaders in the forthcoming election” and scheduled to hold in March at Barcelona hotel Abuja is aimed at delivering top notch peace education and enlightenment campaign to Nigerian youth while also efficiently engaging stakeholders in the peace building process.

The event which is in its 3rd edition wants Nigerian youths to grasp and understand the political intrigues, permutations and facts about the country for future benefit.

According to the organiser, Kingsley Amafibe, the youths make up over 60 per cent of the electorate; hence they participate actively in the politics of electing their leaders and representatives in government.

“The apparent reality is that we are yet to arrive at an acceptable standard where the youth (electorate) can confidently say that their votes will count. There are obvious problems which require the concerted efforts of the politicians (and their respective political parties), the electorate (the youths) and INEC to address in other to achieve this.

‘In full consideration of important factors, the youths are a relevant determinant in all elections and the subsequent ones. The political phenomenon in Nigeria is absolutely disheartening. Electoral body, INEC, and the youths, though it should be correctly noted and pointed out that the mindset of the youths is affected greatly by the influences of the politicians and INEC.

“The future of Nigeria is shaped by the calibre of youths who participate in the politics of the country. I met a concerned senior citizen who explained to me without mincing words that the most qualified youths who are worthy to serve and lead the citizenry in governance of Nigeria are emigrating at an alarming rate,’ he explained.


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