Breaaking News: Masquerade Clash In Okene Claim Life’s – See Photos.

Someone send me this news just now about the Echane festival ongoing in Okene, Kogi State Central. The masquerade clash occur at Idogido Street in Okene as our informant claim, and the fight has claim two lives against the undertaken signed by custodian of ECHANE festival with Okene L.G.A Chairman to be a violent free celebration.

Another source told us that a masquerade was re-killed and two other people by unknown gunmen, though we don’t know how true this second report is, for when we ask for evidence (Photos or Videos) the source was not able to provide any evidence.

But the below photos are photos of the masquerade clash victim but unfortunately no masquerade picture.

Masquerade Clash In Okene Claim Life’s – See Photos.
Masquerade Clash In Okene Claim Life’s – See Photos.

Public react at this insecurity era in EBIRALAND somebody and an elite will approved the celebration of ECHANE festival that has record from one crisis or the other.

Please if you are a witness of the crisis and you have enough evidence pleas don’t hesitate to send us full reports thanks for reading.

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  1. So this yeye festival has not been canceled there is something i will like to ask please those guys that are victims i hope they are not inocent of the clash for if they are it will be really painful and if they are not"

    to hell with them…

  2. Hello John is that the best you can do?

    two people are lying dead in those pictures and all you could say is if they are innocent to hell with. i pray God should forgive you..

    im just observing when is this going to stop in Ebiraland i'm so full of tears…

  3. I think the best thing for all of us is to keep praying for Ebiraland to be better what our youths are tunning to is very heartbreaking seriously…×36/1f634.png

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