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Who’s salid Rodiyat aka Barakatu? That fast rising actress she made it to one of the 16 most popular celibrity Ebiraland..

She’s the fourth Ebira celebrity to be featured and interviewed on media joining Master P, Yunique, and Sharon Spnia . so lets start the interviews Q&A (questions and answers) the interviewer is Yakubu Boniyaminu Adeiza. Binoosmart.


When did you start acting?
I started my acting career in Ghana 2013, Den I started our home video September 2015.

How did you start Ebira Movie?
Hmmmm, Actually I was not prepared 4 Ebira movie, I came with a suggestion with an English script in my hand, Calabash now lured me in2 Ebira own & By d Special Grace I enjoyed it & No regret at all.


How did  you meet Calabash?
I knew him long tym ago tru my sis Lady T (Ohunene) den we started charting on Facebook, watsapp.

So do you have any project at hand?

Planning to go on set early this year

What’s your top 5 Ebira movies before you come in to Ebira movies system?

I don’t really watch Ebira movies before….. But I can remember d best 5 I watched last year “Uku, Evi Oyin, Unoko orji, Hajia Kaleemah & Orere OboriObori


You talk about Lady T. Who’s she to you?

She’s my aunty, but I called her small mummy

We her fans looked up to her as our Angelina Jolie but seams like she just forget about the dream, what do you think really happened?

 You know somtyms in life, Each & everyone have to take a break to fix one or two things in there life.. I think thats what she’s doing now & I believed she will come back Soon……

Are you a student of any institution in Nigeria?

None of the above, Still a Student of Nightingale School of Nursing (Affiliated to University of Ghana, Legon)

Comparing Nigeria University to Ghana ones, which do you think is better?

Ghana, and the only reason is that they don’t stress student much on like NigerIa

What’s your opinion to better Media future?

If I have my way, I will promote the media, because its really good fore those who knows the value

We have come to the end of the interview, I really appreciate your time out thanks so mush. And I hope you will answer the Media anytime for further interview.?
The pleasure is mine……

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