What Is The Meaning Of Okene? See Why Okene Town Is Called Okene


I know you have been looking forward to know the true meaning of Okene. One way or the other tried to get a meaning from the word Okene, but you couldn’t. Well you are not alone I tried my best In making a sensible meaning from it myself but all effort to no avail.

This got me up to seek my elder ones as often, I met my Uncle and he made things clear to me about the real meaning of Okene, so I decided to get it up to you on Ebiraland.com Media you know I always care.

Let’s start the lecture;

Okene is derived from two Ebira words Okooro and Une. Confusing right? Don’t worry I will make everything clear.

Have you ever heard anyone say Okorune before?

Okooro means Environment and Une in the Okene means a bush animal called Une, just like the antelope. Are you getting it now? Its noted that Ebira hunters used to come to the present Okene to hunt the animal called Une because in that environment they are dominant. So they named the area after the bush animal they used to hunt in the area. Before it turned into a resident environment where part of Ebira’s reside presently.

Now the intonation of Ebira people is changing everyday that’s why you see Okorune gradually changed to Okerune and finally to Okene.

So in a true sense Okene is said to mean Okorune Meaning in English is Environment of the bush animal called Une in Ebira.

This all I have got for now! I will update it later when I get get hold of extra meaning. Drop your comment below and please share with your friends below by locating the share buttons below. Thanks For Reading.

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  1. But why that call the animal Okene, therefore there should be a meaning for the animal, what does it for the animal call Okene, it that meaning I need or who word or name come about


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