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We Need Community Paramount Rullers not Community Chairmen – An Open Letter to HRM. Ado Ibrahim.


In the most developed part of Ebiraland like Zariagi (Kabba Junction), Zango Daji, Barrack. In Adavi Local Government Area only have community chairmen at my best knowledges. Which is bad.

One thing I don’t understand is how can a community survive without real leaders? But Ebiraland communities have managed to exist and consistency in existing even though they don’t have Ohi, Ohireba, Taaru etc. But not for so long oh.

Crime is up 70 percent in every community throughout Ebiraland because their were no orders from community rulers, they don’t even have one so who is going to give the order.

Please I am not talking about community leaders that when dead can be replaced by just another person. No. We need paramount community leaders that when dead the throne can only be inherited by their Family alone.

Our youths are doing the way they are doing now because the community they are from affect them negatively, since they came out of no rules and regulations community when they move out of the community to another persons land they misbehave.

Something heartbreaking are happening in this communities, one of it is that our lands are turning no Mans land, Nobody to speak for the community, citizens are not secure.

I heard Lokoja LGA is now claiming Zango Daji and Baracks more of Ebira People both home and in diasporal are now referring to Zariagi, Zango, and Barracks as Lokoja which is Bad. And not speaking well of Ebiraland, does that mean our own life isn’t worth leaving?

This is an open letter to Adogu the paramount ruler of Ebiraland we need changes in this communities we need paramount rulers not community chairmen.

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