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See What is Happening To Zariagi Community, Adavi L.G.A of Kogi State.


Before I could believe my uncle that Zariagi ( kabba Junction) is part of Adavi local government I have to lived there for some times, I have my reasons though in this part of Ebiraland Pidgin in English language is their major source of communications ranging from the olds to the Young’s.

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I later observed that this is happening in this area because of the tribal barrier in the community. Zariagi is a community (town) you wouldn’t identify Ebira people, Yoruba people, Igbos, Igala people, Bassa people, Tapas, and Nupes from each other becausof their relations making Zariagi the safest part and the most open for business part of Ebiraland, that may be due to Dangotes’ Obajana Cement factory which is not far from the community.

Dangotes’ Obajana Cement Factory in Obajana (largest cement factory in Africa) is a major element that makes Zariagi community to stand out from the rest of Ebiraland. Because from my research when I visited Obajana, People both Ebira people and the other tribes nation wide are making their money in Obajana and Zariagi is Developing.

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Zariagi as I can say for now is the most developed part of Ebiraland. Even though they don’t have any higher learning institution, no good roads, no pipe born water, but in terms of Youth development, Business open areas, private business investments;- Zariagi took the number one spot in Kogi state. And the community is said to have developed this far in just 5 years. What a development!

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The Youths in Zariagi are widely open to businesses, though some are oil black market businesses, in this area youths are building houses for businesses without doing frauds (Yahoo Yahoo) and their type of Ebira Musics are drastically different. In Zariagi Ebira Youths are hard-working.

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The a fore mention points have made Zariagi (Kabba Junction) the best place to invest in any business is suitable for this area Lands are cheap and accessible.

But the most heart breaking thing in this community is that its Dramatically turning no mans Land which is bad and this is the main things that are happening in Ebira communities through out Ebiraland. Which is why I wrote an open letter to HRM. Ado Ibrahim the paramount ruler of Ebiraland that we need community kings (rulers) in all communities of Ebiraland. Click here to read.

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Hausa’s have their rulers in this community but the landlords don’t how sad is that?

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