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Pray for Nigeria, Buhari; Bello Tells Kogi Pilgrims

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Yahaya Bello Addressing Kogi Hajj 2016 Pilgrims in Abuja 2
By Ibrahim Obansa.

The Governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has called on  intending from the state to take the hajj exercise very seriously, saying that  capable hands were careful selected to make the operation stress free for all pilgrims.‬

‪Bello who stated this yesterday at the Abuja Hajj camp in his farewell message to the state intending pilgrims to this year’s, hajj noted that adequate and conducive accommodation arrangement has been provided for the Pilgrims.‬
He enjoined the pilgrims to pray for Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari and Kogi state, saying Nigeria and indeed its leaders need prayers more than ever before.‬

According to him Nigeria and Kogi  state is facing numerous challenges, saying that it is only God that can solve the problem.‬
He warned the Pilgrims to avoid those thing that could put them in danger, saying that they must compliment the efforts of his administration by obeying all the instructions given to them by the officials‬

Earlier, the chairman of the commission, Sadiq Muhammed Rabiu, noted that the only way for the pilgrims to appreciating the efforts of the state government is to be law abiding in the holy land.‬

According to him the pilgrims should consider themselves lucky to be able to fulfill this all import

Kogi Hajj 2016 Pilgrims in Abuja Camp

 He called on all intending pilgrims to avoid those things that are forbidden by the Saudi Authorities, saying anyone caught would be made to face the consequences of his or her action.‬
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