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Did You Have A Girl Best Friend? 11 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs One.

1. Men are lacking when it comes to squad goals.
While women are killing it with their super-strong squads, guys aren’t having the same luck. In fact I found that 90 percent of women say they have a Best Friend, whereas only 60
percent of men say they do. Seems guys have got something to learn from ladies.
2. They give great relationship advice.
What better way is there for guys to figure out women than to step inside the mind of one?
3. They’re tapped into there emotions.
They’ll be your shoulder to cry on when things get tough. They also have no objections to sharing a big tub of ice cream with you—if that’s what you want.
4. You’ll always have a go-to plus one.
Did you need a girl friend to invite to any party and you have no GF? Don’t worry they will always be their for you.
Or do you Need a date for formal or a plus one for your cousin’s wedding? They’re so there! You never have to worry about going solo again, even though you may be forced to endure a slew of questions regarding your relationship status.
5. And they’re down to be your wingwoman at all times.
They always know when never you’re crushing on that girl from your from your department class, and she just so happens to be there friend’s room mate’s little. They’ve got this on lock. They will always make it sure you get the girl.
6. They make better friends than guys.
The facts don’t lie, folks. Check it out in your hostel, you’ll found that all the guys who have a best friend, 53 percent have a BFF who is female. Believe it or not. The era of the bromance appears to be pretty much over.
7. They like you and take You for who you are.
Honestly, They wouldn’t waste there time hanging out with you if they didn’t like you for exactly who you are.
You may get on there nerves sometimes, but that’s part of your
8. They’ll write your texts for you.
But that’ll only happen if you do the same. Am i finally cracking the code of guy-girl texting relationships? I think so!
9. They’re your friend for life.
Face it; once they’re your BFF, you’re stuck with them. Through thick and thin, they’ll be by your side for life. This may change if you stated dating them.
10. All the best friend duos are guy/girl.
Will and Grace. Taylor and Ed. Joey and
Phoebe. Hermione and Harry. Leslie and Ron. The list goes on and on. Who wouldn’t want to be like these famous friends?
11. You may end up marrying your best friend.
Give me a clue on something better than marrying your best friend!! Jack and Rose of a very popular and romantic movie (Titanic) became a very close friend before they realised they were meant for each other.
The next time one of your guy friends is less than appreciative of your companionship, give him the scoop. There’s nothing better for a guy than to call a girl his BFF.


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