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The Mysterious History of Irehu Iruvo


The Mystery Of Irehu Iruvo (Ebira Traditional Sitting Stool)

Anidayi Anebira! Etemeya nini? My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart. In this article I will explain to you the mystery everyone tend to not understand about the popular Irehu Iruvo of the Ebiras. I did my research and I can gladly say that you will understand everything I will explain in this article.

Disclaimer: Please I am no English Student and I am not from New York, (I’m from Inoziomi in Adavi local Government Area of Kogi State). So don’t expect big grammars from me I will keep the article simple and if you see any grammatical error in this article please correct it for yourself.

What’s Irehu Iruvo?

Irehu Iruvo is an Ebira People’s traditional sitting stool, mostly popular among women. Some concluded that the ones with cowrie tied around it, in a true sense is no ordinary stool again, it has been fortified, while said the cowrie is a sign of wealth and blessings.

It’s said that if a woman in her matrimonial home cannot conceive male child or maybe she’s a barren. If such woman consult the Oracle (Eva) and most times the number one ingredient the herbalists ask for is Irehu Iruvo and it must be bought for the woman by her husband.

In addition, in the olden days the man that marry more than one wife is considered a real man so for this fact monogamous relationship was rampant, some because of farm work while some men do this because they have the money and strength to take care of the wives and children. But there is a down side to this. Everything in life has pros and cons.
The down side is that such households are battlefields, for the wives and the step children. So as a soldier that is going to war you have to get ready and prepare for what to come, for this reason alone Irehu Iruvo needs to be fortified so that no one will be able to chase her away from her home (not the Ova nor can it be her Ohini). Hmmm this one is loud (Ireyi Tura).

Irehu Iruvo is often a gift given to newly married woman by her mother mostly grandmother’s or the husband as a symbol of love from the husband to signify that for better for worse they will forever be happily married and that she will bare him children in good health. And from the mother or grandmother it signifies permanent sit with the cowrie (Uto) signifying wealth. Uto is olden days money. Remember?

Yes! This still happen in Ebiraland today where you see women fighting with their husband over Irehu Iruvo, most especially when the other wives have gotten theirs and they haven’t, they fight to get it from their hubbies because they believe it’s their right.

Conclusively, you may or may not concur with everything above what I really want to point out is that it doesn’t really matter what I have proved in this article some people still see Irehu Iruvo as Isohiku (Forefathers thing) while some look at it as a normal sitting stool. It’s one of those things that last most in a house. Children will meet it in this world and leave it this world. E dey last!!!!!!.

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(Ebira Music) Dan Ozizi – Ometere, Download & Listen Again.


This awesome old music is said to be Dan Ozizi most loved song in Ebiraland, you have listened to it before but you should listen again download it below:


Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing.


Ebira Mothers (Ebira Women) are one of the best when it comes to child upbringing. Ebira Mothers produce the best range of slaps; Aruhwoto, Aruhwe, And Upono. These slaps will make you fill like you are not part of the family like you are adopted.

  • Aruhwoto: This slap will make you correct your wrongs instantly. And also make you confess your sins at the spot with immediate effect.
  • Aruhwe: This kind of Slap will make you expose those who were in the crime with you without hesitation at the same time, if any of your. Siblings is been given Aruhwe and you are not strong enough you may pee in your new pant at the hearing of the sound of the Slap. Its popularly given to children in their back.

I remembered when my Big Brother send me to Mamas pot to steal meat. When mama return from market and asked who took meat from the pot. When I tried to lie I was given one. I started speaking in tongue. My big brother heard just the sound he visited the toilet like two times before he can regain his self. Lols

  • Upono (beating): This kind of slap is the advance and the combination of Aruhwoto and Aruhwe. it normally start with Cain in the process Cain will be so boring thrown away and she will start with palm, This one has various functions mentioned below;
  • First of all you will loose balance.
  • Your brain will go into Auto search as you will be wondering what is really hitting you.
  • You will be Deaf instantly; you will be told let’s go home and you will reply Oini Oku Aru Ami! Meaning it’s in my pocket lols.

God bless all Ebira Women home and Abroad we so grateful for the Good Upbringing if you were brought up in Ebiraland you will agree with all the above Slaps. You would have encountered them. Even our Governor Yahaya Bello Can’t Deny It. I no talk oh.

I know you are shaking your head now Unless you are not an Ebira Folk.

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Top Ebira Love Songs of 2019. April Edition.


This first of the series of Ebira lists that we will be publishing every month, in this post I will be sharing with you some of the top Love Songs from Ebira musicians. Both at home and in diaspora. So let the list begin.

1. Whinny – Odo’Yewu (The Beautiful One)

Yes this made the number one position because of the tight lyrics and the words used in the song. Omo if you don’t like this song that means you don’t know music. This song love lyrics is too loud. What I really don’t understand about the artist is that, how can you be a blogger and you will be so damn good at singing. So Odo’Yewu is worth the hype.

Download Odo’Yewu by Whinny click mp3

2. Sirjunior – ODII.

I have been trying to ask the ODII crooner about the meaning of ODII but here it is. The artist sing like he is a trapper but in this song it’s like Doing Afropop plus real Hip-hop If you are Wizkid fans that means you will really love the song….

Download ODII by Sirjunior click mp3

3. Itabriz – Good Feeling

Itabriz needs no introduction he is the only hardcore rapper Ebira people has got as what true definition of real rap is though. Unlike other rappers that are commercializing their rap game Itabriz is still keeping it real… You will love this song…

Download Good Feeling by Itabriz click mp3

4. Yunique – Aguvi Awu (Teni – Case (cover))

Yunique! As far as Ebira Music is concerned he is still the most sort after musician in Ebiraland this Song he titled Aguvi Awu is the cover of case song by Teni Makanaki the Ebira Version though so if you have listened to Teni’s case before you will like it…

Download Yunique Aguvi Awu mp3

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Article: My friends were around when I mad my first Million.


I was so excited, finally I’m a millionaire haha… So, I called my guy, we went to a very sharp hotel.

Lodged in 2 different rooms…on my tab.
Eating expensive hotel dishes…on my tab.
Ordering expensive spirits and wines…on my tab.
Importing and straffing pretty girls…on my tab.

Heck, he brought in 2 more guys I didn’t know…on my tab.

I was rich, right? I have a huge million naira in my account, it can’t possibly finish from spending a few thousands, right?

WE were balling, living the life, having so much fun… Who’s paying for it, that’s right, stupid Deon 🙂

WE blew 500k, more or less, in the hotel before my senses returned, I wasn’t a millionaire anymore, and I still had other bills to pay.

So in about a month afterwards, I was back to square one, my friend(s) had gone back to their houses, answering their surname and telling me everything will be fine, “we go ball again” 😂

He was my friend but he didn’t talk me out of a stupid adventure, he was all for it, he was probably way more stupid than I was or so I think.

The people you call your friends, what do you discuss with them? Are you growing together or balling together? Who’s paying? Do you think you have sense? Do you think they have sense?

I’m not the wisest guy, I’m still young and stupid, I still make stupid decisions BUT I do it alone now, just me, myself and I.

Two stupid heads are worse than one!

What’s the point?

Nothing! there’s no point at all, what you take from what you’ve read is totally up to you.

It’s 2019, you’re getting old, be smart, work smart and be safe.

In all you do as a young Nigerian, always use your fucking head!

Copied though. Make your decisions alone now, eat your fucking money alone. Some friends are there to kill you.

Cc Deon

#EbiraOnline #Binu2DWorld #Binoosmart #EbiraLandMedia

Ebira Music: Onyieche – Okumatete 1 & 2. Download mp3.


Download late Onyieche songs on Ebira Ple’s Only Online Portal. Onyieche is dead but her songs live.

To read about Onyieche and how she died click here to read now.

Below is the song of Onyieche Okumatete listen and download and please take two seconds of your time to drop comments and share with your friends and family.

Download Onyieche Okumatete vol. 1

Download Onyieche Okumatete vol. 2

Ebira Music: Dan Ozizi – Maganaga Ege. Download mp3.


Fans demanded that I upload legendary Dan Ozizi song on Ebira People’s Online Portal | Ebira Online Media and here I present to you Dan Ozizi track he titled Maganaga Ege.

Download your song below and please take two seconds of your time to drop your comments and share with your friends and family.

Download Dan Ozizi Maganaga Ege mp3

Ajaokuta Bill Was Declined To Address Grey Areas – Oseni


By Zacchaeus Ozovehe.

Contrary to the much-publicised stories about President Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged decline to Ajaokuta Steel bill, Kogi Central Senator-elect, Dr Yakubu Oseni has clarified that the bill was stepped down in order to address some grey areas and have inclusive inputs of relevant stakeholders in the steel sector.

Dr Oseni made this known recently in Abuja shortly after concluding his induction training programme organised for members of the incoming 9th National Assembly.

The Senator-elect who expressed dismay at the level with which some people dish out information without thorough scrutiny in order to cause disaffection among Nigerians emphasised that President Buhari is a meticulous leader who would not involve himself in venture that could mortgage the future of the country.

“The Ajaokuta bill was not the only bill turned down by President Muhammadu Buhari as a result of sensitive observations made by him. It will amount to travesty of truth to say it has been discarded totally.
“Ajaokuta bill is still on and we are going to work extensively on it, particularly on the grey areas pointed out by Mr. President. Our President is a very meticulous leader, he doesn’t want to make mistakes that could jeopardise the future of our dear country because of failure to adhere to due process,” he said.

There is no gainsaying, the Senator reiterated, that Ajaokuta project is so gigantic and the president would not just decline assent without critically assessing and putting into consideration the grey areas begging for attention.

Dr Oseni assured his constituents and Nigerian at large that the bill seeking to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company would be presented again to Mr. President in a more comprehensive manner when the 9th Senate is inaugurated in June.

While revealing that the National Assembly has over 40 bills that was not assented to by Mr President due to one reason or the other, the Senator-elect restated his commitment to meet the yearnings of his people, which according to him is his driving force for leadership.

“My people know what they want and they know me very well. I am not new in service to humanity. The only thing needed now is to step-up my game because this is a higher responsibility. Just keep faith with the leadership of President Muhmmudu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello for more gains.”

NDLEA Destroys 18,083,787kg Indian Hemp, Others In Kogi


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Kogi has destroyed 18,083,787 kilogrammes of cannabis sativa (Indian hemp) and other psychotropic substances seized over the last four years in the state.

The drugs, which were said to be worth millions of naira, were from decided cases between 2014 and 2017. They were set ablaze in the presence of security chiefs in Lokoja.

Chairman and Chief Executive of NDLEA, retired Col. Muhammad Abdallah, said the destroyed narcotics comprised 17,865.235 kilogrammes of Indian hemp and 218,552 kilogrammes of psychotropic substances including Tramadol, Diazepam, Codeine and other banned substances.

Abdallah, who was represented by the agency’s Chief of Staff/Director of Narcotics, Femi Oloruntoba, said Nigeria was being confronted with the challenges of drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking with over 14 per cent of the productive population actively engaged in illicit drug use.
Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi described the event as symbolic, saying that there was need to destroy the drugs before they destroyed the nation, noting that there was serious correlation between commission of crime and drug addiction.

Earlier, Alhaji Bello Idris, Commander of NDLEA in the state, wondered at the kind of crimes the seized quantity of drugs would have triggered – ranging from rape to armed robbery and homicide – if not seized from the merchants.

Credit: Daily Trust

Ajaokuta Steel Company Not in Our Strategic Options – President Buhari


Despite promising to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company during his campaign in Kogi State, President Muhammadu Buhari has however stated that committing $1 billion for the completion of the the moribund company is not the best strategic options for Nigeria at this time.

This was part of the reasons the President stated for declining assent to the bill seeking appropriation of $1 billion from the Excess Crude Account for the completion of the company.

In his words, the Nation cannot afford to commit such an amount in the midst of competing priorities with long term social and economic impact that the funds can be alternatively deployed towards.

He said: “Bills which seeks to make an appropriation of revenues to fund public expenditure should be consolidated in the annual Appropriation Act such that these proposals pass through the traditional scrutiny that budget proposals are subjected to by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Budget and National Planning and the National Assembly.

“Furthermore, as the Excess Crude Account Funds belong to the Federation, it would be proper to consult with the National Economic Council where the States are represented.

“Relevant stakeholders such as the Ministries of Mines and Steel Development, Industry, Trade and Investment were not fully consulted.

“The inputs of key stakeholders are necessary to create the optimal legal and regulatory framework as well as an institutional mechanism to adequately regulate the steel sector.”

Please Pray For Onyinoiza Husseinat A Prisoner In Libya. See The letter She Sent Her Father.


Abdulsalam Onyeneoiza Husseinat from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State, is one of the many Nigerians languishing in Libya as a prisoner having entered as an illegal immigrant. Here is the letter she sent to her father above please share and drop your comments below..

Source @ebirareporters



When the people heard about the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ they did not just hear, they follow him. Many did not even allow their conditions hold them back. They push and push to reach out to Jesus for healing. A good example is the Biblical Woman with the Issue of Blood’. Her condition was so pathetic to have deserve sympathy and help from her people but she was being rejected. Yet she never gave up. With great Faith, the woman forced through the crowd to touch Jesus garment and became whole.
Kogi State needs healing, restoration and fresh breath of air in the politics and governance of our people.

Today Kogi people having heard of the good works of the New direction government they are dropping their clutches (hindrances) to follow GYB. Drop your clutches and get your miracle. Drop your shame and get your miracle. Support and vote Governor Yahaya Bello for continuity and get your miracle performance and development. Your clutches could be what have been used to deceive us.

Why should we be talking about block of classrooms when people are dying of ill-health.

Why should we be talking of borehole with untreated water causing typhoid when everyone is still buying sachet water?

Why won’t we talk about recruiting, training and retraining teachers for primary and secondary schools?

Why is our school system giving us half-baked graduates?

Why won’t we train our graduates to prepare them for the challenges ahead?

Why are we not scared of the future dangers that will be caused by the insecurity in our societies….kidnapping everywhere?

It will be too fatal to undermine the urgent need for a REAL CHANGE. A change of hearts and minds.

Why are we hypocritical with things that matters?
Building of block of classrooms where there are no teachers is a misplaced priority.

Brothers and Sisters, this is the time to follow who knows road. If we must get to our destination, we must not drive behind a parked vehicle.

Governor Yahaya Bello knows the way and ready to show the way to those who need a way.

We have to categorically tell you that it is the wish of some of our elected leaders to get our youths employed but they don’t know how to go about it. Remember you can’t give what you don’t have.

You need to be creative and attentive to assess the people’s needs otherwise you will be bandaging a wound rather than treating it. Our elected leaders have been bandaging our wounds rather than treating us.

Join us to Support, & Vote GYB for continuity


Music: Lizzy Asuva – Fvck You ft Kizz Daniel. Download mp3


As it is on a popular demand for everyone to drop there own version of popular fvck you single from kizz Daniel. Queen Lizzy Asuva is here with her own version of the song listen and down load below.

Download audio here.

Ebira Music: Otandi – Ireva Konti. Download mp3


Popular demands makes me upload this song. Otandi of Ogaminana is a legendary Ikede musician in Ebiraland. He is late though this track is titled Ireva Konti hope you like it

Download Audio here

Ogembe Condoles Ohinoyi over Son’s Death


Senator Ahmed Ogembe representing Kogi central senatorial district has condoled with the Ohinoyi of Ebira Land, Alh (Dr) Ado Ibrahim over the demise of his son Prince Abdullrahaman Ado Ibrahim who passed away recently.

In a statement personally signed by the Senator and made available to news men in Abuja, Ogembe noted with sadness the loss of a promising young man to the cold hand of death at such a prime age.

The Senator said he was deeply grieved to learn of the death of the mornach’s son. He added that it’s sad and painful that Ebira kingdom had lost potential of the resourceful and vibrant attributes in the personality of the late Prince.

He urged the monarch to gather strength over the loss because is God that gives life and he can also take it at the appointed time.

“I pray almighty Allah grant the King and his entire family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss and also the people of Ebira land in general”, the statement added.

Kogi Targets 12,000 Youths For Jobs In Rural Job Areas


The Kogi State Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO), says it is engaging about 12,000 unemployed youths in its rural job creation scheme.

Mr Noah Alilu, YESSO coordinator, told newsmen on Friday in Lokoja that the gesture was aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment in rural areas.

According to him, the scheme is in collaboration with the World Bank.

Alilu said that the orientation training and biometric data capturing of the beneficiaries was currently going on at various local government areas in the state.

he process involves a robust monitoring and evaluation, put in place by the world bank, to ensure effective service delivery by the beneficiaries,” he said.

He added that those engaged would be deployed to

Public Works Unit of Kogi YESSO, and recalled that 4,000 youths were engaged though the same process in 2008.

”The programme has the capacity to reduce poverty, unemployment and rural-urban migration, while enhancing and growing the rural economy,” Alilu said.